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Jilin Animation Institute was founded in June, 2000. It was admitted to be “Independent Undergraduate-level Private College” by Ministry of Education in China in 2008. At present, it has 12 branch schools: School of Animation Art, School of Game, School of Design, School of Advertising, School of Television and New Media, School of Film, School of Comics, School of Creative Industry, School of Industrial Design, School of Virtual Reality, School of Civil Aviation and School of Cinema Art. Their majors cover art, literature, engineering, management these 4 disciplines including majors of animation, digital media art, visual communication and others, 30 majors in total. Jilin Animation Institute has about 12,000 enrolled students now.
JAI enrolls new students from 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions throughout the nation. In most of the provinces, it preserves the same student source with the key colleges and general public colleges. The employment rate of graduates keeps over 90%. In 2015, it has been evaluated as “Employment Demonstration College” by Ministry of Education. And JAI is recognized as college with high employment rate, high quality of employment and high job-suited rate by social appraisal agency. Large quantity of graduates has been working in famous enterprise and in the industry of animation, game, digital media, and mass media in domestic and abroad and they are becoming the dominant talents in the industry.

JAI carries the school motto of “Self-esteem, Self-discipline, Innovation, and Creativity”. Basing on the sense of “Responsible for Students, Responsible for Parents, Responsible for Industry, Responsible for Society, and Responsible for the Nation”, it sticks to the three schooling characteristics of “Openness and International Orientation; Integration of Education, Research and Industry; Specialization of Creative Products”. We strive for strengthening the connotation construction, improving the schooling quality and cultivating applied and high-qualified talents for the nation and for local cultural industry.
Constantly deepening the talents cultivation mode under the integration of education, research and industry, and comprehensively promoting the establishment of practicing and teaching platform connecting education and industry. JAI relies on the four industry groups, including Animation and Film, Internet, Product Design, and Media Technology, and plus the civil aviation, to lead the establishment of major groups for the 12 branch schools and their 30 majors. The freshmen and sophomores will learn foundations, the junior and senior students will learn professions and they will choose a platform they interested to have internship. In this way, we improve the integration and fusion of culture, art, techniques and market, the good interaction between education and industry, and a perfect connection between talent cultivation and market demand. And it also provides students with an effective platform for cultivating their career idea, company idea, and market idea.

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