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 JAI Cultural Arts Group

Jilin JAI Cultural Arts Group Co., Lmt.. (shorted as JAI Cultural Arts Group), founded in 2008, is a cultural and creative industry-led international enterprise group. Relying on the strong talent supporting system of the whole industrial chain of cultural and creative industry of JAI, the group promotes the interaction and integration of industrial development and talent training, leads the teaching reform with industry, supports industrial development with talent, and creates a new ecological chain of cultural and creative industry. And the group was approved as the "National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base" by the National Ministry of Culture.

In the fields of animation, comics and game, film and television, design and new technology industries, the business of the group covers: animation creation, comic creation and IP, derivatives, game development, sales operations, film and television creation, film and television special effects, performance management, Internet product development, technology research and development, creative design, brand planning, cultural entertainment, business innovation incubation, industrial park management, to build the whole industry chain operation system including planning, production, operation, authorization, and so on.

JAI Culture Arts Group business owns six big business groups: the film and television business group, IP business group, Interactive entertainment business group, “Himaker” business group, entertainment business group, creative production business group and so on. Each group has independent operation management and interaction development to realize the fusion of "art, technology, culture and market".

JAI Cultural Arts Group will integrate the rich talent resources and creative resources of Jilin Animation Institute, keep the operation principles of “Market as orientation, Technology as support, Content as basis, and Art as soul”, and insist on the value concept of “People-Oriented, Technology First, Product-Pursued” as well as the development road of “Integration of Education, Research and Industry”. It has created and produced many original products of Film & TV, animation, comics, game, design and Internet, and also actively applies the scientific researches into industry.

JAI Cultural Arts Group will, based on the cutting edge of international market, fully play its resource advantage and go ahead on the diversified, large-scale, and international road, in order to build a globally influential culture and technology industrial group, and constantly create and develop high-tech cultural products to lead the market. It will make unremitting endeavor to expand national brand impact in the world.

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