"To Future Together"Call for Entries of 2022 Asian College Students Short Video Exchange Exhibition

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With the theme of "To Future Together", the 2022 Asian College Students Short Video Exchange Exhibition will launch with outstanding short video works of domestic and foreign college students. Through diversified forms, rich content, unique techniques of expression and novel visual image, to show various of short video works in the new era, to accelerate the interaction of film and television arts majors between partner universities in Asia, build an international platform of film and television innovation and creativity for college students, enhance cultural exchanges and facilitate common development.

1. Purpose

2022 Asian College Students Short Video Exchange Exhibition aims to promote the study and exchange of film and television major students among international and domestic partner universities, build a platform for the exchange of film and television creation among young filmmakers, and create a dynamic cultural environment for future cooperation among Asian countries by strengthening cultural exchanges and mutual understanding among young people in Asian.

2.Sponsor and Organizer

Guided by:Information Office of Jilin Provincial Government P. R. C

Sponsor: Jilin Province International Culture Association

Organizer:Jilin Animation Institute


To Future Together

4.Schedule of Call for Entries

From September 20 - October 28, 2022

5.Scope and Category

Scope: Through the perspective of the creator, uses video images to describe the changes of the city, record the imprint of the flying times, excavate typical characters, and convey healthy life attitude, spiritual style and characteristics of college students.

Category: Animation and comics short video, storytelling short (micro) video, documentary short (micro) video, public service advertising, VLOG, etc. The entry work shall convey diversified communication and interaction in Asia, and show a positive, optimistic, sincere and friendly mental attitude.

6.Collection Target

Current university students (including international students in China) or alumni of institutions in Asia.

7.Program Support Awards

After selection, excellent works will be given program support funds:

Two "Future Star"; provide support fund of 10,000 RMB each;

Three "Excellent Audiovisual Creative Program"; provide support fund of 5000 RMB each;

Three "Excellent Audiovisual Technology Program"; provide support fund of 5,000 RMB each;

Ten "Excellent Cultural Communication Program"; provide support fund of 2,000 RMB each;

Twenty "Excellent Instructor Award"; provide support fund of 1,000 RMB each;

Twenty "Great Audiovisual Creation Program", award jury certificate;

Ten "Excellent Organization", award honorary certificate;

8.Entry Requirements

The content of the work fits the theme of the exhibition, with novel and positive ideas;

Entries are original works completed between January 1, 2021 and October 20, 2022;

Entries are made by individual or a team no more than 3 people;

No submission quantitative limits;

Short video shall less than 3 minutes; video format: MP4, MPEG, MOV; less than 300M; 

The video must contain complete Chinese or English subtitles;

1 life photo of the director, 1000X1000 pixels or bigger, 300 DPI, JPG format;

No watermarks or "sample" shall appear in the entries;

9.Entry Method

Upload your works and related documents and provide a  sharing link, send the link address and registration form to official email address of the exhibition:

10.Notes on Copyright & Other Legal Issues

i. The entries shall not infringe the patent right, copyright, trademark right, reputation right, portrait right or any other legitimate rights or interests of any third party. All legal affairs and disputes arising therefrom shall be borne by the participants themselves;

ii. Participants shall warrant that their entries are original and they are the sole and exclusive owner and right holder of the submitted works. Participants agree that their participation will not result in:

(i) May infringe any third party's proprietary rights, intellectual property, industrial property, personal rights or other rights, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or confidentiality obligations;

(ii) Other violations of the applicable laws of any country in the world.

iii. During the exhibition period, the participant will not be restricted by the organizing committee of the 2022 Asian Students Short Video Exchange Exhibition to participate in another similar exhibition or commercial activities. However, if the work conflicts with the regulations of other exhibition organizer, the participant shall bear all the consequences that may arise therefrom;

iv. By submitting for the exhibition, participants agree to accept all the rules and regulations formulated by committee;

v. All works selected are deemed to be granted to the Organizing Committee the right to screen in all authorized exhibition sections. The video and Chinese/English subtitled copies of entries can be used by the Organizing committee for the promotion purpose and subsequent exhibition activities. Including being reported by the news media, broadcast, production of publicity brochures, books, television stations, network, mobile media and other new media publicity exhibition column;

vi. No registration fee is required;

vii. All works will not be returned, please keep original copy before submitting;

viii. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to interpret the rules of selection and exhibition;

ix. All conflicts and disputes arising from the translation of this Call for Entry between Chinese and English shall be governed by the Chinese version.


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