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The International Students’ graduate certificate and degree awarded

A. The International Students: The standard bachelor degree is four-years long. Under the condition that the International Students complete all the professional courses required for graduation as well as the exams and graduation thesis (design), the institute will offer the graduation certification for the International Students and related bachelor degree.

B. Exchange students: Period of study for exchange students is six months or one year. The institute will not offer certificate of academic degree. After the learning phase, our institute is responsible for mailing the transcript to the original school.

C.2+2ProgramStudent: After completing 2 years course in local  universities, students should come to our institute to have another two years professional

course learning.Under the condition that the International Students complete all the professional courses required for graduation as well as the exams and graduation thesis (design), the institute will offer the graduation certification for the International Students and related bachelor degree.

To those students who comply with the discipline and achieve academic excellence, the institute will give recognition and reward. And those make the violation of discipline, truancy, destruction of public property, assault or other bad actors, were given a warning, serious warning, demerit, probation, ordered to leave, expulsion punishment respectively depending on the severity. Students are subject to disciplinary probation could be lifted its sanctions if he/she gained significant progress within one year. Student that refuses to mend way through education would be expelled. Once the probation or sanction has been decided, the institute will inform their embassies, representative offices, dispatch or parent notices other than the student his/herself depending on the situation and certain need. If the student behaved any illegal actions, the public security organs will be handled in accordance with relevant Chinese laws, the institute will also give the appropriate punishment.

If the student can not attend prescribed teaching activities of the institute, he/she should perform the leave procedures. Anyone absent form the class without a leave permission and anyone’s leave application is denied and do not participate in educational activities would be punished for truancy. For truant students, the institute will punish them depending on the circumstances. If one student absent times accumulated more than one-third of total course hours, they will cancel their participation in the course of the examination, and should be eligible to apply for rehabilitation himself.

Leave Procedure

Leave procedure includes filling in “Jilin Animation Institute Foreign Student Leave Application Form” first, and take it to the International Student Office for signing the office will record it. Students need to fill out “short-term leave registration form of Jilin Animation Institute” if they intend to leave the institute for short period, the destination and reason for leave need to be checked by the International Student Office to guarantee the safety of students, the student should go to the International Students Office to report as soon as he/she get back to the institute. And students must cancel the leave when finished, if there is any special circumstances which cause the students cannot return to the institute, the student should apply to extend the leave. To those who do not cancel or extend the leave after the deadline, the institute will punished them as truant.

Leave Types

Sick leave: Student who can not attend class because illness must provide diagnosis issued by the National Hospital.

Personal Affairs Leave: If students have urgent event to deal with, they must first explain the situation.

*The Truant Disposition:

Absent 10-19 class hours in one semester, to give warning punishment.

Absent 20-29 class hours in one semester, to give serious waring punishment.

Absent 30-39 class hours in one semester, to give demerit punishment.

Absent 40-49 class hours in one semester, to give probation sanctions.

Absent 50 class hours even more in one semester, the student will be expelled from university.


International students must attend the course examination or test, if he/she can't take the test (test) must submit the written delay application from to International Student Office. With approval, organize to participate in the next to the examination and appraisal of this course. Without the application or if the application is not approved and not to take the examination, with zero meter for the course grade.

*Score Assessment:

Required for all International students each semester, Repaired courses, Elective courses and Education practice such as teaching content, must be in accordance with the provisions, to participate in the examination, evaluation results. Achievement eligible to receive college credit for courses completed; The examination take percentile system, more than 60 scores of each subject can be obtained to the credit of this course. Two types for the Text course, pass or fail, qualified through the corresponding credit available. Classroom teachers comprehensive student attendance, Classroom performance, Homework after class, Quiz at ordinary times and Final exam to test the student's final exam scores. Specific measures for the management of reference to relevant provisions on the undergraduate course graduate education in school.

Each semester student assessment situation should be described in terms of the performance table. Exam Course assessment using percentile scores. Examination by the total score of the final grade classes and usually results two parts. In principle, the final result accounts for 70% of the total grade, usually result account for 30% of the total grade. In theory based teaching exam classes (referred to as theory courses) may take the form of a closed book or open-book final exam. Specific number of homework, the proportion of theoretical and experimental results and assessment requirements should be reflected in the course syllabus and approval by the Executive Branch, classroom teachers to students to be released before the class.


The expulsion must be approved by the institute and be valid to those who has one of the following situation.

a. Students who failed more than four courses (includes four courses ) after the make-up exams.

b. Students who failed to go up to the next grade and had a degradation for two times in the same grade. 

c. Students who drop out of school because of illness without go through the formalities of the suspension and be absent from one third of the total class hour of the year.

d. Students who go through the renew formalities within the suspension period.

e. Students who failed the physical examination because of any of the following disease will be expelled according to the related regulations of national education ministry.

Disease range: AIDS patients or HIV carriers; Each type of tuberculosis, pulmonary tuberculosis, etc.; people who had thoracic forming operation and pneumonectomy ; Serious chronic diseases, such as bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis Cirrhosis of the liver, etc. Organic heart disease(Wet sex heart disease, Congenital heart disease, coronary heart disease) and hypertension, etc; Acute, chronic infectious diseases such as hepatitis, syphilis, etc. Acute and serious chronic nephritis genitourinary disease; Severe anemia Obviously splenomegaly and hematopoietic function obstacle, such as blood; Mental illness (including hysteria) or epilepsy and person who had diseases like this before. People who has severe neurosis, frequent insomnia, headache, memory loss and could not able to carry out constant learning; All kinds of cancer and other serious diseases (such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes, lupus capsule sores, pulseless disease, etc.); Leprosy and other infectious skin disease; Severe nerve hypoplasia or physical disability

Note: If an international student intends to apply for withdraw, then he/she must go to international student office for the withdraw formalities. The applicants should take the introduction letter and the passport issued by international student office to the public security bureau for visa alternation formalities, and leaving the country within the effective period of the visa.

Suspension of schooling

Student who intends to apply the suspension of schooling should take related certification and go to the international student office to fill Suspension Application Form and then submit a written application officially. The period of suspension should not more than two years. If the student needs to serve in the army, he must offer a military records issued by the government.

Transfer to another school

Student who intends to apply the transfer should first go to the international student office to go through the formalities. And then take the introduction letter and the passport issued by international student office to the public security bureau for related formalities.