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Visa Management

Visa X1 and X2 are both accepted. Students with Visa X1 shall report to International Students Office to apply residence permit within 30 days after arrival; students with Visa X2 are only permitted to stay in the country for 180 days, and if necessary, another 180 days only can be extended. Other types of Visa normally cannot be extended. If an extension is needed, the application shall be filed one month be the expiration day.

During the stay, all the international students shall conform to the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on Control of the Entry and Exit of Aliens”, and go through formalities in accordance with our institute’s regulations.

Notes: Visa is the only legitimate proof of identification for foreigners staying in China. Any form of residence beyond the time limits of Visa is illegal residence which shall be punished by fine or deportation. The punishments shall abide by the following regulations: ¥ 500 fine shall be imposed everyday beyond the time limits; if the violation is serious, the foreigner shall be deported. Please go through the formalities of Visa within the given time limits of your Visa. If your passport is lost, please report to the International Students Office without any delay. And with helps form the office, you can get the “Lost Passport Declaration” from Changchun Municipal Public Security Bureau, and then the passport can be reissued by your embassy or consulate in China.

Physical Examination

a. Before entering into China, students shall go through physical examination in their home countries in accordance with the “Foreigner Physical Examination Form”.

b. After the enrollment, the International Students Office shall get the health conformation from the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Jilin Province. Students without the “Foreigner Physical Examination Form” or disqualified in certain items shall be arranged to be re-examined in the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Jilin Province. The validity period of the results for physical examination is 6 month.

c. Students physically disqualified shall leave the country in given time limits.

Insurance for International Students

The student who comes to China to learn has to purchase the Oversea Student Insurance in China, RMB800 per year.

If accidents happen to the International Students and the International Students are in the hospital to receive the cure, the International Students should contact the International Students Office in time, the International Students Office will report the situation to the Insurance Company and help handle the claim indemnity issue. The specific content of guarantee and liability exemption rules will be carried out according to the related provisions of the insurance company.


a. If an insurance accident respectively in the two or more hospitals, the certificate of corresponding hospital diagnosis, illness history book and other related documents should be shown;

b. The hospital should be State Hospital Level 2 or above; 

c.Fees such as inserting an artificial tooth、getting the right lenses for one's eyeglasses、abortion、pregnancy and giving birth、receiving cosmetic surgery、purchasing nutritional supplements shall be born on the students.

Issues that are not covered, please contact the School of International Exchange.

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