Campus Life

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The apartment will provide a quilt(The cleaning fee is RMB360), the students also could bring the quilt; Water and electricity fee is RMB400 per year; Apartment guarantee deposit 500 yuan /room.※  Accommodation fee excludes bedding fee, water and electricity fee

      Internet service: The Internet Connection Port is located in the International Students Dorm, if you would like to use it, a computer and a cable will be needed, the       Internet fee is RMB 600 per year (The Wifi device shall be bought for wireless connection), the manager of the dorm will answer some specific problems. 

      Note: The International Students shall obey the Dorm Management Regulation, keep the room clean and Receive regular inspection.


   The International Students could have meals in the Students’ Canteen.

     *How to apply the Meal Card:

     Monday to Friday, With the Letter of International Students showing and RMB 20, the International Students could go the Finance Department on the 2nd Floor of      the Students Canteen to apply the Card.

     There are many restaurants and fast-food outlets around the campus, the price would be a little bit more expensive that the Students Canteen. There is a      supermarket in the campus where the food and articles of everyday use could be bought. Living Service Facilities are mostly located around Students Supermarket. Other service facilities are also available which could fulfill the living requirements.

3.Student's identity card:

  The card will be issued by the Oversea Student Affairs Office after admission, the oversea students should keep the card safe, should not wipe or modify the        contents, the card should be returned when leave the institute at the end.


    Students could take passport, photos and letter of introduction issued by International Student Office to the second floor of library to handle a library card.

    * Library card would cost 10 yuan. And before the student leave the institute, he/she  should return the borrowed books.



*The currency is Ren Min Bi in China. The units are Yuan, Jiao, Fen. The abbreviated symbol is RMB. The paper currency values are in 10 kinds which are 100 Yuan, 50 Yuan, 20 Yuan, 10 Yuan, 5 Yuan, 2 Yuan, 1 Yuan, 5 Jiao, 2 Jiao,1 Jiao. The coin currency values are 1 Yuan 5 Jiao, 1 Jiao.

There are Bank of China, CHINA CONSTRUCTION BANK, INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA, CHINA CITIC BANK, CHINA CITIC BANK, CHINA POST BANK, CHINA MERCHANTS BANK where the exchange, deposit, withdraw could be done with the passport showing at the bank. In order to protect the International Students benefits, please do not trade in illegal places. The specific issues could be consulted in the bank.








-Directly go to the Post Counter to do the EMS business.

-Opening time:8:00-17:30

-Location:Yi Zhong Ming Cheng, No.719 Jia Yuan Road


If the parcel is delivered to the International Students:

Please take the passport and parcel paper to the International Students Office to get the parcel;

If the money is delivered to the International Students:

Please take the passport and the remittance paper to the Post Station to get the money, only in this way the students themselves could receive the important things. 

Address:(Student’s name)International Cooperation and Exchange Center, Jilin Animation Institute, Jilin Creative Industry Park of Animation Comics &Games ,No.2888 Guigu Street High-tech Industry Development Zone, Changchun ,China  130012


Other than Winter Holidays and Summer Holidays, the Chinese Legal Holidays are mainly followings:

1st Jan. to 3rd Jan.(Solar Calendar) New Year’s Day

30th Dec. to 6th Jan.(Lunar Calendar)The Spring Festival

4th Apr. to 6th Apr.(Solar Calendar)Tomb-sweeping Day

5th Jan. to 3rd May(Solar Calendar) International Labour Day

5th May to 7th May(Lunar Calendar)Dragon Boat Festival

1st Oct. to 7th Oct.(Solar Calendar) National Day         

*The holiday date could be adjusted according to the institute’s schedule.