School of Virtual Reality is reformed from Department of Digital Media Technology and it was found formally in 2016. It is the pioneer for the integration of animation, game development, film and television, APP, virtual reality and augmented reality. It has several directions such as VR Tech Department, Software Engineering Department, Film TV and Animation Tech Department and Big Data Application Tech Department, including Big Data and Media Info Application, App Development, Animation development Tech, Game development Tech, VR Tech and AR Tech, now it has 30 teachers.

School of Virtual Reality holds the concept of international open-up, introducing professional and outstanding talents from domestic and foreign universities even famous companies in order to enhance the integration of learning, research and industry, currently the school has taken 8 Projects such as Jilin Nature Science Fund, Jilin Province High Education Teaching Reform Research. Digital Media Tech is approved by the Jilin Province High University Excellent Engineer Education Training Plan as the Test Major. And approved as Jilin Province Visual Media and AR Province Key Lab and a certain accomplishment has been gained.

School of Virtual Reality as the first one of its kind in China, has to siege the opportunity to make great efforts to become the top institute with high-level and full of specialty in teach, science and research and industry project. Making every effort to become the highest level of first-class institute of the country.

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