School of Civil Aviation  fills the blank of Jilin Province, develop the aviation industry of Jilin Province, meet the urgent needs of aviation industry talent and satisfy the strategic background of Jilin Animation Institute. With the aircraft as the core, radiation throughout the aviation industry chain disciplines of professional structure, set aviation flight, maintenance, service and manufacturing and application of UAV in one of the personnel training structure. To take a strong combination of school-enterprise cooperation, "education + license" dual card both talent training model, to promote graduates to take posts, through jobs. (Aeronautical flight direction, aircraft and engine maintenance direction), aircraft manufacturing engineering (UAV manufacturing and application direction), broadcast and host (air crew direction) three professional, the future will also focus on the aviation industry for professional Changes in talent needs, and constantly optimize the professional settings. School has teaching team which composed of Air Force University retired talent , with the Civil Aviation Administration of certified well-known cooperative enterprises to ensure the quality of high-quality applied talents training.

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  School leadersfor the first new students arrival.                          The arrival of the voyage sisters led to widespread media attention