Animation Blooms and Chasing Dreams for the Future | China (Jilin) Animation and Comic Convention Concluded Successfully

Position:News-Animation Blooms and Chasing Dreams for the Future | China (Jilin) Animation and Comic Convention Concluded Successfully

News time:2023-11-01 18:00:00

On the evening of October 29, the closing ceremony of China (Jilin) Animation and Comic Convention was held grandly in the studio of Jilin Radio and Television Building. With the theme of "Animation Blooms and Chasing Dreams for the Future", the party alternated between theatrical performances and honor announcements. The performances included song singing, light shows, poems and dances and other forms, with climaxes superimposed.


Qin Haitao, Vice Chairman of the Jilin Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Yan Xiaoming, Chairman of the China Television Artists Association, Zhao Huayong, former Director of CCTV, Fan Zongchai, Secretary of the Party Branch, Deputy Chairman, Secretary-General of China Television Artists Association, Xu Yunpeng, Deputy Minister of the Propaganda Department of Jilin Province, Chen Honggang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Liu Tieduo, Deputy Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee of Jilin Province and Director of Jilin Provincial Radio and Television Station, Dong Tao, Member of the Party Branch and Deputy Secretary-General of China Television Artists Association, Sun Fengping, Member of the Party Group and Vice Chairman of Jilin Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles,  Feng Huaizhong, First Level Inspector of China Television Artists Association, Zheng Liguo, Chairman and President of Jilin Animation Institute and other leaders attended the closing ceremony and issued certificates to the honorary winners. China Education Television host Guan Ling, Beijing TV host Yue Yue, Jilin Radio and Television host Gao Yuan, and actor Zhang Xiaolong co-hosted the event.

The closing ceremony kicked off with the medley of the classic domestic cartoon theme song "Chasing Dreams of Youth". The classic and beautiful songs combined with the animation pictures on the big screen took everyone into the fantasy world of animation.


Television and animation art workers such as Chang Guangxi, Cao Cuifen, Tian Min, Zhang Shan, Chen Wei, Zong Fengyan, Hou Xiangling, Guo Qiucheng, Huang Haibing, Chang Rong, Heimei, Wen Junjie, Yan Danchen jointly recommended the outstanding achievements of China (Jilin) Animation Conference TV cartoons, original comics, animation-themed papers, etc.

The poetic dance "Blooming" depicts a vivid picture of the animation industry in which diversity coexists. Li Yuner and Shen Tai sang "The Rainbow That Never Sets", and Sun Nan brought the songs "Rainbow" and "Let's Go Wild".


"Let's Go Wild" and "The Rainbow That Never Sets" are respectively the theme songs of the second and fourth parts of Jilin Animation Institute's original series of animated films "Frog Kingdom", which not only reflect the fruitful results of Jilin Animation Institute's characteristic education of "integration of education, research and production" , also led the audience to relive the various adventures of "Frog Kingdom", expressing the beautiful inner emotions and common expectations and dreams of Chinese animators.


Teachers and students from Jilin Animation Institute participated in all aspects of the evening party from pre-planning, song arrangement, stage visual effects presentation, on-site recording to post-production.

During the China (Jilin) Animation and Comic Convention, Jilin Animation Institute held an opening ceremony, 5 seminars, 2 artists on campus, 2 art exhibitions, a re-election meeting of the Animation Art Committee of the China Television Association, venture capital incubation support and Copyright trading conference and other 13 main activities. This convention is committed to building an innovation and development platform for China's animation industry and helping to enhance the influence, industry competitiveness and internationalization level of my country's animation industry. At the same time, it will inject new vitality into the cultural industry of Jilin Province. As one of the organizers of this convention, Jilin Animation Institute will contribute more to the cultivation of cultural and creative industry talents in Jilin Province and even China.

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