Donation Ceremony of Director Chang Guangxi's "Chenxiang Art Animation Short Films Creation Fund" Was Held at Jilin Animation Institute

Position:News-Donation Ceremony of Director Chang Guangxi's "Chenxiang Art Animation Short Films Creation Fund" Was Held at Jilin Animation Institute

News time:2023-10-31 18:00:00

On the morning of October 29, the donation ceremony of director Chang Guangxi's "Chenxiang Art Animation Short Films Creation Fund" was held at the Cultural and Art Center of Jilin Animation Institute.


Chang Guangxi, the famous Chinese animation director, former director of Shanghai Art Film Studio, vice president of Jilin Animation Institute, national first-class animation designer, Zheng Liguo, Chairman and President of Jilin Animation Institute, Liu Xin, Vice Chairman of Jilin Animation Institute, and some school leaders attended ceremony. The donation ceremony was hosted by Liu Zhenhua, Executive Vice President of Jilin Animation Institute.

At the ceremony, Zheng Liguo, on behalf of Jilin Animation Institute, accepted the "Chenxiang Art Animation Short Film Creation Fund of 300,000 yuan" donated by Chang Guangxi and issued a donation certificate. The donation, with the theme of "Light shines on dreams and shadows, Chenxiang shines on stars", will be used to reward or fund the creation of animated short films by teachers and students from Jilin Animation Institute. This fund is of great significance, which is not only a material gift, but also a spiritual inheritance. It is Director Chang Guangxi’s love for the art of animation and his encouragement, motivation and encouragement to the younger generation of animators. Jilin Animation Institute will also continue to provide supporting funds on the basis of the "Chenxiang Art Animation Short Film Creation Fund" to provide better financial support for young animation creators and produce more outstanding creative and exciting works, support the growth of young animation talents, and provide solid support for promoting the high-quality development of the animation cause and animation industry.


As the builder and leader of China's animation industry, Chang Guangxi is deeply involved in animation creation and animation education, and has created a large number of classic works, such as "Prince Nezha's Triumph Against Dragon King", "the Brainless and the Unhappy", "Young Heroes from Ancient Times" and "Lotus Lantern" and other classic animations; at the beginning of the establishment of Jilin Animation Institute, he provided all-round and multi-dimensional guidance in the construction of the school's teaching staff, professional curriculum, and artistic creation; at the same time, he trained a large number of outstanding animation talents. He contributed to China's  construction of the animation education system and the development of the animation industry greatly. 

Director Chang Guangxi led teachers and students from Jilin Animation Institute to complete animation works such as "Frog Kingdom", "Guan Gong" and "Chicken Wants to Fly", which have received excellent responses and many honors. Among them, the animated film "Frog Kingdom" won many awards such as the "Five One Engnieer Award",  helping teachers and students to Advance animation ideals and create outstanding works that shine.


"I have loved animation since I was a child. I am 81 years old this year and my original intention has not changed!" Director Chang Guangxi talked about his more than 60 years of "animation road" in his speech. He started out of love and went from being an apprentice to an animator, and to an original painter and then to Jilin Animation Institute to teach, cultivating a new generation of animation talents. He said that this donation is a kind of feedback. In the more than 20 years of teaching at Jilin Animation Institute, he has learned from each other and gained a lot from teaching. The film "Lotus Lantern" was created during the transition period of Chinese animation from planned economy to market economy. It is the "pathfinder" for Chinese animated films. This donation is named "Chenxiang". I hope that students can be like "Chenxiang". The protagonist "Chenxiang" in "Lotus Lantern" is also tenacious and always moving forward. Chang Guangxi expressed his message to the students at school that they should have a sense of national sentiment and social responsibility, keep in mind the spirit of the school motto of "self-esteem, self-improvement, innovation, and creation", be grateful to the school and teachers, work hard to learn animation knowledge, give full play to their talents, realize their animation dreams, and contribute to the development of China's animation industry and animation education.

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