Jilin Animation Institute Held the Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony for the Grade 2023 Students

Position:News-Jilin Animation Institute Held the Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony for the Grade 2023 Students

News time:2023-06-23 15:06:00

On the morning of June 20, Jilin Animation Institute held the 2023 graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony in the Culture and Art Center. Yu Gengpu, Director of the Board of Directors, Liu Xin, Vice Chairman, Liu Zhenhua, Executive Vice President, Chairman of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, Wang Chunli, Vice President, Li Wanlong, Director of the Board of Directors, Zheng Lijun, Assistant President Gai Shirui, Supervisor of the Board of Directors, Xu Xiaoduo, Directors of the Board of Directors, Heads of schools and departments, Representatives of parents and Grade 2023 attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Zhang Yanwei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of JAI.


Chairman and President Zheng Liguo, who is visiting abroad, sent a congratulatory message via video, he said:

I hope that after you go to work, you will continue to improve your professional ability and professional quality, always have fighting spirit and dreams, and use JAI spirit embrace the future.

To be a "self-respect, self-improvement" JAI graduates, to be a "innovation, creation, excellence, entrepreneurship" of the creative people. In the future, whether you are employment or entrepreneurship, as long as you need, the mass innovation platform built by the school will give full support, and I hope that students can make due contributions to the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture.

In the future life of the students on the road, will always silently pay attention to you, no matter what difficulties outside, JAI will provide help and support; I hope everyone has a result and share it with JAI. JAI will be with you your whole life, and it will always be your safe haven.

Zheng Liguo finally said that when you have time, please come home often, and JAI family will support the students as always!


Liu Zhenhua said at the graduation ceremony that the school has always paid attention to everyone's growth. Together, we are marching with the same direction in the new era, witnessing the comprehensive advance of Chinese modernization, the grand blueprint of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, witnessing China's strength and witnessing the elegant style of JAI movement. Among the graduates, some have achieved excellent results in various competitions at home and abroad. Some have gone to remote areas to help the country's "western plan" devotees; Some strive to study professional knowledge and constantly improve their artistic quality. Everyone is so unique, irreplaceable, each has their own wonderful. He pointed out that persistence is victory, persistence can win, this is true in university study, and this is also true in job work. Only constant change is the truth of the world, of course, we also have to change in response to all changes, and this is the same is the original heart, is the belief and pursuit, by the word "persistence".


At the graduation ceremony, Wang Chunli read the decision of JAI on granting 3112 students such as Pang Xingzao in 2023 to graduate and the decision of JAI on granting Bachelor's degrees to 3107 graduates in 2023. Yue Wu read "JAI on the recognition of Wang Jingwen and other 154 students 2023 outstanding graduates of the decision"; Xu Xiaoduo read "JAI on the collection of 2023 outstanding physical graduation works of the decision"; Liu Xin read the decision of JAI on recognizing the advanced individuals of the graduates of 2023 platform.



School leaders issued certificates to the above representatives, hoping that they bravely bear the mission of The Times, inherit and innovate the excellent national culture, prosper the development of the national cultural industry, be excellent "JAI Spokesperson", and be determined to run to the future.


The graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony of 2023 students of Jilin Animation Institute came to an end in the "Phoenix Blossom Intersection" sung by all graduating class counselors. Receiving the heavy degree certificate, the graduates of 2023 are full of ambition, the school's ardent message and the teacher's inculcation into the driving force for continuous progress in the future, adhering to JAI’s "self-esteem, self-improvement, innovation, creation" school motto spirit, in a hopeful tomorrow, writing the most beautiful poem of life.





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