"The Third International Digital Marketing and Creative Advertising Forum and Digital Marketing and Creative Advertising Contest" Was Held in Jilin Animation Institute

Position:News-"The Third International Digital Marketing and Creative Advertising Forum and Digital Marketing and Creative Advertising Contest" Was Held in Jilin Animation Institute

News time:2023-04-10 14:39:00

On April 3rd, "The Third International Digital Marketing and Creative Advertising Forum and Digital Marketing and Creative Advertising Contest" was held in the Culture and Art Center of Jilin Animation Institute. The forum was hosted by Zhao Yuan, dean of School of Creative Industry. Invited leaders, guests, experts and scholars, as well as nearly 1,000 teachers and students of JAI attended the opening ceremony.

Seven well-known experts and scholars in the industry, including Member of Steering Committee for Professional Teaching of Journalism and Communication of the Ministry of Education,Professor of School of Humanities and Communication, Shanghai Normal University, Director of Expert Advisory Committee of China Advertising Association, Doctoral supervisor, Jin Dinghai, and Director of Advertising Research Institute of Capital University of Economics and Business, Ten thousand excellent innovation and entrepreneurship supervisors of the Ministry of Education, Master supervisor, Yang Tongqing had full exchanges and in-depth discussions around the theme of "Digital + Culture Empower New Business Style".

This forum was guided by Jilin Advertising Association and Media Association of Jilin Province, co-sponsored by Animation, Comics and Games Professional Committee of China Cultural Chamber of Commerce of the Private Sector and Jilin Animation Institute, and organized by School of Creative Industry, JAI. Liu Li, president of Jilin Advertising Association delivered a speech and Liu Xin, vice president of JAI gave a welcome speech. Nearly 1000 teachers and students of JAI listened to this high-profile and high-quality empowering discourse.


In the speech, Liu Li pointed out that the forum aims to strengthen academic exchanges between domestic and international universities, increase the digital cognition of university students majoring in marketing, advertising and related majors, and show the frontier results of cross-border integration of "digital + culture". All of universities will  explore ways to effectively integrate technology and culture in the digital age and new consumer scenarios. In the future, the Digital Marketing and Creative Advertising Contest will continue to focus on the hot spots and problems of the industry, explore the application prospects of digital technology in the field of marketing, and make continuous efforts to better inherit the traditional Chinese culture, promote the communication and exchange of international advanced ideas, and build an interactive platform for the creative industry and creativity.


Liu Li, president of Jilin Advertising Association, delivered a speech

Liu Xin, on behalf of JAI, extended a warm welcome to all the experts, guests, teachers and students attending this event. She said that with the innovative development of the digital era, the organic combination of digital technology and cultural content has been deeply integrated into production and life, bringing all-round social changes and enriching the way and path of inheriting the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. The meeting of digital and culture will surely promote the transformation and upgrading of cultural carriers, innovate the presentation forms of cultural symbols, open up interactive channels for cultural transmission, further play the role of digital innovation driving, build new culture and new ecology, and create new scenes and new modes.


Liu Xin, vice president of Jilin Animation Institute, delivered a welcome speech

Jilin Animation Institute has always been committed to promoting the development of national cultural industry. Adhering to the three school-running characteristics of "Openness and International Orientation, Integration of Education, Research and Industry; Technicalization of Creative Products", Jilin Animation Institute keeps up with the development needs of the times, anchors the industry trend, deepens the positive interaction and deep integration of education, culture, art, technology, market and consumption and commits to the new era of digital cultural industry personnel training. Relying on the "big cultural business", centering on innovation and entrepreneurship, various disciplines and professional exhibition competitions, JAI creates a professional and integrated talent cultivation ecology, actively participates in the construction of cultural industry cluster in Jilin Province and industrial digital transformation and innovation, and makes positive efforts and contributions to the prosperity and development of national cultural and creative industries!




At present, the digital cultural industry is helping China's cultural industry to achieve high-quality development. The integration of science and technology and culture has brought huge space for development. The increasingly popular application of digital technology, the continuous emergence of new cultural business forms, and the continuous innovation of business models have ushered in the fast track of improving the quality and efficiency of the cultural industry. This forum is to discuss how to reshape the marketing value and empower new business forms through the integration of technology and culture in the era of big data and smart media, under the new consumption time and space and the new consumption relationship. At the same time, it cultivates leading talents of cultural industry with "market consciousness, integrated thinking, innovative thinking and creative imagination" that are needed by the times.

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