2020 The Fifth International College Students Gamejam Series Report Game Planning Academy Lecture Why Do People Play

Position:News-2020 The Fifth International College Students Gamejam Series Report Game Planning Academy Lecture Why Do People Play

News time:2020-12-07 10:22:50

In order to improve students' comprehension of game planning and better understand game planning direction and game development mechanism, Mr. Su Zefeng, the lecture of School of Interactive & Digital Media of Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore, was invited to share a lecture on game planning on December 2nd, 2020 during the Fifth International College Student Gamejam. All players and 170 students from School of Game participated.


Firstly, Mr. Su Zefeng introduced "the origins of play". He explained that playing is a natural instinct not unique to mankind. Playing is originally a mean to teach essential life skills and is part of survival instinct. Then, he introduced why do people play, through the development of history, social entertainment needs and other aspects of the purpose of play and the way to obtain a sense of achievement. By understanding the origins and needs of play, he extended to the game design process of player centric, and detailed explained the mission of the game designer to build around a core game mechanic. In the end, Mr. Su Zefeng shared how the mechanics of the game match up with the players in the form of case study. Through this lecture, students not only comprehend the commonness of games, but also understand the relationship between playing and game design.


The students shows high enthusiasm and engagement throughout the lecture, every student has a strong thirst for knowledge and interest in game development, through this lecture, students have more profoundly understanding of game designer mission: not only to understand and fulfill the needs of players, but also to create meaningful opportunities for players that can affect the outcome of the game.

This lecture from Mr. Su Zefeng has benefited the students a lot, allowing them to have an in-depth understanding of various cases of game development and planning, so that everyone will have rich innovative capabilities in future game development and develop more excellent games.

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