The 2020 International Animation Challenge begins online

Position:News-The 2020 International Animation Challenge begins online

News time:2020-09-07 17:36:33

The 2020 International Animation Challenge(IAC), sponsored by the organizing Committee of IAC, and organized by Jilin Animation Institute(JAI), kicked off online at 13:00 on September 4.With the theme image of " The sky is square& The earth is round ", 43 domestic and overseas participating students from 9 universities gathered online to exchange ideas of international animation creation from the international perspective of cross-cultural cooperation, and to improve and exercise their sense of teamwork and ability.

As one of the highlights in the series of activities for the 20th anniversary of JAI, the 2020 IAC has attracted wide attention from the animation field and the society all over the world. IAC is a professional competition jointly organized by 23 animation majors, including Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore, Leeds Arts University in the UK, and Rubika in France, aiming to promote joint creation and international exchange of animation majors from all over the world. During the 14-day IAC, students from JAI, Leeds Arts University in the UK, Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore, The Ontario College of Art and Design in Canada, and Rangsit University in Thailand, etc. will be mixed and organized into teams of 4 to 5 international students in each group. The students completed a 20-second chain animation in the allotted time. All teams will discuss the theme elements in groups, create themes, conceive stories, design characters, draw storyboard, tell stories, animate and clips based on the theme image. Each animation must begin with this image and end with this image. The competition consists of 9 supervisors, who will evaluate the winning team according to the roadshow of each group's final works.

The 2020 IAC is not only a "summit showdown" between international animation colleges and universities, but also an international shared "knowledge feast". With the support of the organizing committee of IAC, JAI has prepared a "feast of animation" full of useful things. During the competition, Ben Simpson, senior lecturer in animation at Leeds Arts University, will give a keynote lecture entitled "Timing and Spacing - The Most Important Principle in Animation".Tian Jianmin, a teacher from the School of Animation Art of JAI, will also give a lecture entitled "One Hundred Years of Chinese Animation", which is worth looking forward to.

As the world's largest single animation university, JAI attaches great importance to the cultivation of animation professionals, international exchanges and cooperation. The 2020 IAC is undertaken by JAI which is a trust of the organizing committee of IAC and an international recognition of the teaching and construction of animation major in our school. Luo Jianglin, vice president, said, "The 2020 IAC is a unique online challenge with the largest number of participating international universities and students. The mixed group creation of international students not only tests their story creativity, rapid design and language communication ability, but also cultivates their teamwork spirit. The professional exchanges between teachers and students of internationally renowned universities not only promote the development of students' international employment and study abroad, but also promote the construction of animation major to the international first-class and expand the international brand influence of JAI. At the same time of deepening the school-running characteristics of "Openness Internationalization", we forge ahead towards the goal of building a world-renowned first-class university. "



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