The 2nd China and New Zealand Joint Exhibition

Position:News-The 2nd China and New Zealand Joint Exhibition

News time:2019-12-25 14:03:26

Jilin Animation Institute and Media Design School of New Zealand to make the two universities of teaching achievements communication platform, improve the students' international vision, develop the student's professional thinking, the second China and New Zealand joint works exhibition, jointly sponsored by Jilin Animation Institute and New Zealand Media Design School and hosted by School of International Visual Effects, opened at 9:00 a.m. on December 17, 2019 in the corridor on the east side of the 6th floor of Jilin Creative Industry Park of Animation, Comics&Games.


The theme of this exhibition is Beyond the fantasy, including conceptual design, visual effects, animated short films, and comprehensive arts. More than 300 works from Media Design School of New Zealand and our institute were invited to participate in the exhibition. Eight professional judges from China, the United States and New Zealand were organized to conduct four rounds of evaluation, and 12 professional awards were finally awarded. The integration of special effects works display and holographic projection technology, breaking through the traditional plane display means, brings shocking visual impact, greatly improves the display effect of the works, and improves the professionalism of the exhibition.

In the logo display area of School of International Visual Effects, different special effects software are used to make the imaginative "optical phantom" creative design and the "real scene modeling" of the logo.


The opening ceremony was presided over by Huang Jianfeng, executive vice president of School of International Visual Effects. Zhang Ju, Secretary of the Party committee and supervisor of Jilin Animation Institute, Wang Chunli, vice president of Jilin Animation Institute, Peng Wei, assistant president of Jilin Animation Institute, Bao Yiping, executive vice director of International Cooperation and Development Center, Yan Xin, deputy director of Platform and Construction Management Center and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.

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