Good News: Four Achievements of JAI Has Won Jilin Province Teaching Achievements Award

Position:News-Good News: Four Achievements of JAI Has Won Jilin Province Teaching Achievements Award

News time:2023-02-13 08:57:00

Recently, the Jilin Provincial People's Government issued the "Decision of the Jilin Provincial People's Government on Commending the Winning Achievements of the Jilin Provincial Teaching Achievement Award" (Ji Zheng Han [2023] No. 1), and 4 achievements have respectively won awards, first prize: second prize and third prize.

The first Prize

Building a "dual subject" integrated teaching model of academia and industry in art universities, leading a new practice of collaborative education

Accomplished by: Zheng Liguo, Liu Xin, Yan Xin, Ge Yingying, Wang Lili, Tan Haoyue, Zhang Jialin

The Second Prize

 Jilin Animation Institute's 20-year Innovation and Practice in Cultivating Artistic Talents through "Work Education" - "Learning- Thinking- Creativity- Evaluation"

Accomplished by: Wang Chunli, Luo Jianglin, Sun Hongliang, Wu Yao, Liu Chang, Lu Xianna, Wang Zhanqing

The Third Prize

Construction and Practice of a Full Chain Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System

Accomplished by: Liu Xin, Zhang Jialin, Gao Bo, Ding Lihua, Peng Wei, Tang Lian, Wang Lili

Innovation and Practice of the Training Model for Applied Talents in Design Majors through the Integration of Specialization, Innovation, and Collaboration between Industry and Education

Accomplished by: Xu Xin, Yan Xin, Sun Hongliang, Ren Xu, Xiang Wenxin, Wang Yibo, Li Siran

The Jilin Provincial Teaching Achievement Award is the highest award approved by the Provincial People's Government in the field of educational research and practice. It is a summary and recognition of the experience and achievements achieved in the comprehensive education reform and teaching construction in our province in recent years. The achievement of the four achievements is a phased achievement in the school's years of deep cultivation in higher education and teaching, as well as in the integration of education, research and industry, innovation and entrepreneurship education.

JAI will take this award as an opportunity to fully leverage the exemplary and leading role of provincial-level teaching achievements, promote the application and promotion of achievements, continue to accelerate the reform and innovation of higher education teaching, deepen the "integration of education, research, and industry" talent cultivation model, focus on cultural inheritance and innovation, promote the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese ethnic culture, promote entrepreneurship and employment work for college students, improve the quality of personnel training, and develop healthily, rapidly, with characteristics and connotations on the road to the construction of a high-level application-oriented university with characteristics.

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