Let Art Return to Life and Serve Life - Eric Leguay Set Up Short-Term Master Studio For New Media Animation

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News time:2022-11-11 16:31:00

In order to improve the internationalization level of the animation major and promote the training of international interdisciplinary talents in the new media animation direction, the School of Animation Art invited Mr. Eric Leguay, a guest professor of our school and an expert teacher of 3iS Institut International de l‘Image et du Son to set up an online short-term master studio, conducting online exchanges and creative guidance with teachers and students in the school around the topic of “Installation Art and Interaction Design”, from October 17th to November 2nd in 2022. So that students can get in touch with and understand advanced creative concepts and expand international perspective so as to comprehensively improve the practical innovation ability and cross-cultural communication ability of teachers and students.


Eric Leguay is teaching online.

During the short-term master studio, Eric Leguay conducted a series of sharing and exchanges on the topics of Animation and Music, Animation and Fashion, Animation and Museum, Animation and Technology, Animation and Show, Animation and Advertising, Technologies addressed, Production models, Project teams and Agile methods, leading teachers and students to have an in-depth understanding of user needs, design ideas and means of expression, and apply them to group practice. The students communicated actively and had high enthusiasm for creation.


Teachers and students of School of Animation Art participate in master studio online.

The students conducted research and preliminary design on topics such as climate action, ecological civilization, intangible cultural heritage, traditional skills, regional brands, social hotspots and educational concepts. The students received great encouragement and affirmation for patient and meticulous online guidance from Eric Leguay on creative skills and other aspects. Eric Leguay believes that the most important thing for students is to expand their design horizons and broaden their design ideas, and they should know who they are designing for and why they are designing. We need to let art return to life and serve life.


Eric Leguay instructs students on creativity.

The two-and-a-half-week master studio came to an end soon. The students established a deep friendship with Eric Leguay. His outstanding creativity, advanced ideas and professionalism left a deep impression on the teachers and students. The establishment of this studio has created more opportunities and possibilities for talent training and international exchanges in new media animation direction of the animation major in the future. It is also hoped that the studio will promote the construction of a national first-class animation major, enhance the international vision of teachers and students, and strive to create more high-quality and innovative works of the era.


A card from Eric Leguay to the students in studio.

Expert Profile:

Eric Leguay is a consultant in the Gobelins school of image Paris and an expert teacher in 3iS Institut International de l‘Image et du Son, specializing in digital media and video games. He is the founder of PHASM and WebNight, and co-founded INDEX+. He led the publication of the cultural CD Louvre, participated in the production of Operation Teddy Bear and the video game Crusades, and successfully hosted the “Web Digital Fight between Poitiers and Paris” in Poitiers. He has won a number of international awards at the Gobelins school of image Paris and ENJMIN VideoGaming School.


Student evaluation: 

1. It expands a lot of foreign knowledge about animation and installation art, and helps me to understand animation and installation art from another perspective.

2. I have a deeper understanding of foreign art trends, improving my personal artistic aesthetic ability and learning more about installation art.

3. I appreciate the cultural amorous feelings of France and broaden my horizons. It also has a strong inspiration for the overall creation of new media installation art. I like Eric’s teaching style, it’s humorous and artistic. It is also a novel experience for me to see some different styles of French animation and the works of artists.

4. I recognized the different views on this kind of knowledge at home and abroad and watched the creation of large-scale foreign exhibitions and learned team management. 

5. I get to know an interesting professor, roughly understand the type of interaction and production process and fully participate in a project. It is quite a sense of achievement.

6. I was very happy when I had class from a foreign teacher for the first time and I learned a lot of new knowledge. 

7. The thinking ability has been improved in many aspects, and the aesthetics has been greatly improved.

8. I appreciate the elegant demeanor of expert and understand the differences in animation focus in different countries and market needs. 

9. I watched a lot of excellent foreign works and broadened my horizons. Eric’s suggestions are very valuable, I learned a lot. At the same time, I improve my English listening ability. 

10. I got a high level guidance from a teacher from other parts of the world, which broadened my horizons, improved my professional level and deepened my understanding of the subject.

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