Higher Education Expo | Four Projects of Jilin Animation Institute Were Rated As The Typical Cases

Position:News-Higher Education Expo | Four Projects of Jilin Animation Institute Were Rated As The Typical Cases

News time:2022-08-28 16:37:00

Recently, good news came from the 57th China Higher Education Expo held in Xi'an, Shanxi Province. Jilin Animation Institute(JAI), Jilin JAI Vixo Pictures Co.,LTD. and Jilin JAI TianBo Film and TV Production Co.,LTD. jointly declared four projects, including "The Innovation and Development of the Deep Integrated School-running Mode between the University and Enterprise of the School of Animation Industry under the New Liberal Arts Background". It was rated as the typical case of the "Double Hundred Plan for University-enterprise Cooperation" by China Higher Education Association. Tan Haoyue, Executive Vice President of Film and Television Business Group of JAI Vixo Pictures Co.,LTD., attended the award ceremony on behalf of the winning units and individuals and made a speech on typical experience.


The theme of this year's Higher Education Expo is " University-local Convergence, Integration of Industry and Education: High-quality Development". Nearly 1000 universities and many enterprises participated in the forum and exhibition. Du Yubo, the President of China Higher Education Association, delivered a speech at the “ 6th Conference on Integration of Development between Industry and Education ”, one of the important activities of the Higher Education Expo on August 4, and other relevant leaders presented awards to the winning units including our Institute.


The two projects selected by our Institute “Jointed Entrepreneurship, Integrated Development , the Construction and Practice of Comics Innovation and Entrepreneurial Training System under the University-enterprise Cooperation Mode” and “ Construction of the Practice Base for Middle and High-end Professional Talent Training Based on the Real Film Industry”, were selected as the typical case of the “Double Hundred Plan for University-enterprise Cooperation". As a typical excellent case, the project of“ Building a Whole Process Practice and Training Base for Film, Television and Animation under the Guidance of Industrial Projects” selected by our Institute was exchanged and shared with the participants at the special forum of the Institute of higher education on August 5.


JAI achieved such excellent results in this nationwide selection, thanks to the Institute has always adhered to the school-running characteristics of "Integration of Education, Research and Industry", and build the practice and exploration of practical teaching platform for the docking of education and industry. In the past 22 years since its establishment, the Institute has followed the law of talent training and the law of cultural industry development. Meanwhile, with the school-running characteristics of “the Docking of Education and Industry", “Integration of Teaching Practice", “Academic and Industrial Communication” and “Integration of Education, Research and Industry", the Institute has built an interdisciplinary and cross-professional integration system of industry and education, and all schools and majors cooperate to build a full-chain system of cultural product output from creativity, incubation to production, which is based on university and university flange industry company, and driven by all kinds of teaching theory and practice project, and focused on the five major integrated program of Animation, Comics and Game, Film and Television, Design, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, according to the cultural industry industrialization process system and quality standards.

It is understood that JAI has more than 6000 students entering the practice teaching system to participate in the creation and practice of cultural products every year. While improving students' practical ability, broadening their professional horizons, and improving students' entrepreneurial and employable ability, they create excellent high-end cultural and creative products, providing a continuous supply of backup excellent talent resources and excellent cultural products for Chinese cultural undertakings and industrial development.


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