Talents with Overseas Study Experience, Especially Master and Doctor Degree Recruitment Information in 2021

Position:News-Talents with Overseas Study Experience, Especially Master and Doctor Degree Recruitment Information in 2021

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I.JAI Introduction:

Jilin Animation Institute (shortened as JAI) was founded in June, 2000, and admitted to be an independent undergraduate-level private college by Ministry of Education in 2008. JAI has three campuses, including a campus in the high-tech district, and the Shuangyang and Jingyue campuses are under construction. JAI has been rated as "National Animation Teaching and Research Base", "National Animation Industry Base", "National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base", "National Undergraduates Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Implementation Unit; "National Top 50 Graduate Employment Unit", "The Second Batch of Teachers Colleges for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform in China". JAI also was awarded as "Best Animation Education Institution" by the Chinese Culture and Art Government Award, and named "Jilin Province Transformation and Development Model University"; in March 2020, JAI was successfully selected as a characteristic high-level application-oriented university construction project in Jilin Province. JAI was evaluated by the experts of the Ministry of Education as "a university with outstanding ideas, characteristics and full of potentials, and JAI is a successful example of our private universities." .

JAI currently has more than 12,000 undergraduates, offering 36 undergraduate majors, including animation, comics, digital media art, visual design, product design, director, performance, film and TV visual effects, network and new media, photography, virtual reality, big data, cultural industry management, and marketing, etc. Among them, the animation and digital media art majors have been approved as national first-class professional majors. dent Innovation & Entrepreneurship Project.

Based on the development needs, we are now recruiting high-level talents with Master and Doctor Degree in the fields of animation, comics,games, film and TV, design, virtual reality and  creative industry from overseas to gather together and seek further developments.

II.Recruitment positions and qualifications



Recruitment positions


Doctor Degree

Teachers in various professional fields

With a doctor degree, under the age of 45 years old in animation, comics, games, design, film and TV, virtual reality, creative industry management and marketing, civil aviation, liberal arts education, ideological and political, computer application technology, software engineering and other professional fields; with a solid theoretical foundation and good scientific research potential, with the research ability to preside over national or provincial scientific research projects.

Master Degree

Teachers in animation field

Master degree or above, major in animation, design art (animation), fine arts (animation), film (animation), animation visual effects, art theory, drama and film and TV, digital media art, etc.

Teachers in games field

Master's degree or above, major in animation, comics, digital media art, digital media technology, computer, new media technology, etc., with solid theoretical knowledge, good team communication skills and professional dedication spirit, with creation experience in animation, games or other interactions product project.

Teachers in comics field

Master degree or above, major in comics, painting, new media comics and other related majors, with solid theoretical knowledge, good team communication skills and dedication spirit.

Teachers in design field

Master degree or above, major in visual communication and media design, environmental design, industrial design, product design, handicraft design, arts and crafts, digital media art, art and technology, design history and theory, information and interaction design, digital media technology, etc, with solid theoretical knowledge, good team communication skills and dedication spirit.

Teachers in film and TV field

Master's degree or above, major in drama, film and TV screenwriting, acting, director, film and TV photography and production, recording art, theater film and TV art design, costume and clothing design, broadcasting and hosting, digital audio-visual art, film and TV visual effects, radio and TV art, drama, Film studies and other majors, with more than 1 year of internship experience in related industries or on-site experience is preferred.

Teachers in virtual reality field

Master degree or above, major in computer science and technology, software engineering, data science and big data technology, virtual reality, etc., with more than 1 year of internship experience in related industries.

Teachers in creative industry management and marketing field

Master degree or above, major in cultural industry management, marketing, Internet finance, advertising design, advertising, etc., with more than 1 year of internship experience in related industries.

III.Platform and development

1. Six career development paths in multi-channel and three-dimensional aspects, multistep development to meet your diverse career pursuits;

2. Full coverage, phased, hierarchical and classified re-training system, and ten major training programs of "Practicing Teacher Development" to help teachers grow rapidly;

3. Support teachers to study for master's and doctorate degrees off-the-job or on-the-job, and provide corresponding policy support, encourage teachers to study abroad, and help worry-free learning.

4. Excellent teachers have chances to go to universities, research institutes, and well-known companies at home and abroad to conduct research, visits, study tours to appreciate advanced education and teaching concepts.

5. Build an industry technology and creation platform, and improve practical guidance and market connection capabilities through mutual assignments and on-the-job rotation training.

6. Professional title promotion: professional teaching + industry title evaluation platform. JAI has the autonomy to appraise the titles of intermediate and senior teachers, research series, and experimental series. Talents in all positions can participate in the evaluation of intermediate and senior titles. After high-end industry assessments, talents with doctor degree are directly hired as senior titles. Excellent talents may be rated accordingly based on performances and contributions.

IV.Salary and Benefits

1. Young PhD talents:

(1) The annual salary is RMB 180,000 to 300,000, and the research start-up funding is RMB 100,000 to 150,000.

(2) The introduction of talents from other places enjoys a settle-in allowance of RMB 200,000.

(3) If you can achieve teaching and scientific research results, you can enjoy the JAI's teaching and scientific research reward related policies.

 (4) Those who meet the relevant conditions will be given priority in recommending and applying for national, provincial and municipal high-level talent titles, and applying for provincial and municipal talent introduction policies and incentive policies.

(5) Those who meet the basic requirements for the evaluation of professional titles will be exceptionally recommended for the evaluation of the professional title of associate professor.

(6) Enjoy social insurance, provident fund and other benefits stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations.

(7) Assist in arranging work for spouse and the schools for children.

2. Master talents:

(1) The annual salary is RMB 80,000-120,000. And the salary of the shortage professional masters can be determined according to the professionalism;

(2) Enjoy the social insurances (old-age pension, unemployment, medical), housing provident fund paid by JAI, and enjoy cash benefits, meal allowances, shuttle bus and other benefits.

(3) High-level universities with special characteristics inside and outside the province, graduates of special high-level disciplines and masters with special characteristics, as well as practical and special skill talents equivalent to the above-mentioned levels required for economic, social development, innovation and entrepreneurship, can be declared for category E according to the talent introduction policy of Jilin Province talent-related policies.

V. Special policies

According to the provincial and municipal policies and conditions for various types of talents at all levels, you can enjoy resettlement subsidies, housing subsidies, medical care, children's schooling, individual tax and salary incentives, job title evaluation, entrepreneurship support, loan discounts, and the declaration of talent titles favorable polities.

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