Focusing on the Development of Domestic & Foreign Film, TV Industry & Internet New Media, JAI Merged 3 Schools and Established School of Film

Position:News-Focusing on the Development of Domestic & Foreign Film, TV Industry & Internet New Media, JAI Merged 3 Schools and Established School of Film

News time:2021-09-10 11:13:00

JAI held a meeting on adjustment of schools in the morning of Aug. 2, 2021. The Chairman and President of JAI, Mr. Zheng Liguo, presided over the meeting and arranged key tasks.  

The Chairman and President of JAI, Mr. Zheng Liguo announced the resolution of the school's Board of Directors: to integrate the original School of Film, School of TV and New Media, and combine some majors of School of Cinema Art, and establish JAI School of Film.


The Chairman and President of JAI, Mr. Zheng Liguo said: The merger of the three schools is centered on the strategic layout of school board and the characteristics of Integration of Education, Research and Industry, focusing on the rapid development of domestic and foreign film and television industries and Internet new media, optimizing the allocation of related professional resources, and gathering JAI brands advantages and characteristics, creating a highland for the cultivation of a full range of film talents. JAI appointed Professor Liu Junyi as the first dean. The newly established School of Film has four teaching divisions, including Film Art Department, Television Art Department, Basic Teaching Department, and Project Teaching Department. Film and television performances, dramas and films, directing, drama, film and television literature, drama, film and television art design, film and television photography and production, recording art, radio and television editing and directing, broadcasting and hosting art, photography, networking and new media, and many other majors covered by the film and television system are set up.


The Chairman and President of JAI, Mr. Zheng Liguo emphasized that the newly established film academy must consistently adhere to its original aspirations and mission, strengthen cultural self-confidence, convey positive energy around the main theme, and advantage the construction of film and television disciplines and the construction of new interdisciplinary subjects, arranging basic teaching, general education and practical creation, and focus on promoting the creation of micro-films and online films. The leadership team of the newly established School of Film must step up research and formulate future plans, scientifically integrate and optimize the teaching team, accelerate the construction of high-level double-qualified teams, improve the education system and creation system based on the needs of the development of film industry, take talent demand as the guide, with the characteristics of Internet celebrity economy, the film education and film industry will be bigger and stronger.

Focusing on the six strategies of "social function, global vision, corporate thinking, market awareness, industrialization system, and commercial value", deepen the integration of production and education, promote the improvement of students' practical and creative level, and cultivate professionalism for the national film and television industry Application-oriented talents with high practical ability, deep cultural background, and high artistic accomplishment, in accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, actively participate in the construction of Changchun International Film City, integrate production and education, and promote the construction of the core cluster of Jilin animation industry.


Executive Vice President of JAI Liu Zhenhua, Vice President Wang Chunli, Assistant President Peng Wei and other school leaders, as well as members of the senior leaders of the School of Film, School of TV and New Media, and School of Cinema Art attended this meeting.  

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