Development Promoted by Exchange and Cooperation Consulate General of Japan in Shenyang visited JAI

Position:News-Development Promoted by Exchange and Cooperation Consulate General of Japan in Shenyang visited JAI

News time:2021-05-08 08:44:15

On April 28th, Hideki Yokochi, Consulate General of Japan in Shengyang, visited our Insitute. Liu Xin, Vice-Chairman and Vice-President of JAI, Bao Yiping, Executive Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and Development Center, and Miao Luxi, Deputy Director, received the consul's party.

Hideki Yokochi, Consulate General of Japan in Shengyang, and Ma Kaixiang, the Education and Cultural Commissioner, visited the History Museum o and the International Animation Museum of JAI. During the visit, Ms. Liu Xin welcomed the guests. She introduced the history of our  institute, the characteristics of "Integration of Education, Research and Industry", the construction of the application-oriented talent training system for the entire industrial chain of cultural and creative industries, and the planning and construction of the two new campuses of Changchun International Film Base and Shuangyang. Liu Xin said that since the establishment of the institute 20 years ago, JAI has adhered to the characteristics of "Openness and International Orientation", has always attached importance to cross-border educational exchanges with Japan, absorbed and borrowed advanced international school concepts in cooperation, and improved the internationalization of higher education. . With the help and support of the Japanese Consulate General in Shenyang, JAI has officially established 7 cooperation universities in Japan. More than 30 Japanese animation, comics, design experts were giving speeches at JAI; Hideki Yokochi showed appreciation and recognition of our Institute’s education philosophy, which is“Integration of Education, Research and Production”, the construction of “Hi-maker” service platform, the precise talent training strategy of “Selecting majors for Freshmen and Sophomore students; Choosing Occupations for Junior and Senior Students”, also promoted "new partnership" model with innovation and entrepreneurship, and the outstanding achievements of the graduates in the field of animation and entertainment. After visiting, Hideki Yokochi was full of praise for the series of animations created by JAI. He exclaimed: " It’s really amazing! A whole film, from design, painting, animation, dubbing...all the parts were finished by your teachers and students. It’s really amazing that students can have such creativity!"

In the future, JAI will make every effort to promote exchanges and cooperation with Japanese universities in the fields of animation, comics, and design. continue to promote exchanges and learning between Chinese and Japanese universities in the field of cultural and creative industries, and strengthen the intercollegiate relationship between Chinese and Japanese universities Cooperation and exchanges, and jointly create more outstanding cultural and creative works.

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