Professors from School of Animation Art were Invited to be the judges of the 9th International Tour Film Festival

Position:News-Professors from School of Animation Art were Invited to be the judges of the 9th International Tour Film Festival

News time:2020-06-10 09:10:00

The 9th International Tour Film Festival is now holding in Lazio, Italy. The international film Festival is scheduled to begin in June and end in October. The film screening competition will be held in Civitavecchia, Rome, Italy from 7th October to 11th October in 2020.

In this festival, our institute was invited by the committee of international Tour Film Festival to participate in the review of film screening competition. Nine professors, including Li Sida and Song jianwen, vice president of the Academy of Animation Art, reviewed 33 animated short films. These animated films are from 16 countries and regions, including Britain, The United States, France, China and Italy. This time, professors reviewed these works from various aspects, such as film creativity, script, preliminary design, structure and music. The review lasted for one month and was successfully concluded on 10th June. The committee highly recognized the serious and responsible working attitude of professors in our institute.

Through this review activity, professors in our institute clearly understand the level of international animation short film production and the requirements of international competition review. This time, professors expand the international vision, accelerate the pace of our institute's discipline construction into the international professional field after participating this festival. At the same time, this activity also enhances the international participation of animation major in our school. It also improves international rankings of animation major in Jilin animation institute.

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The International Tour Film Festival was organized by the Sivita Film Committee, an Italian cultural association established in 2007. It was originated from the Tolfa Short Film Festival in 2012, had been held for 9 years. Each year, the festival collects over 3,000 animated short films from 90 countries. These excellent animated short films, feature films and documentary films have distinctive themes. The International Tour Film Festival is the feast for international filmmakers.



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