Jilin Animation Institute Holds the "Online Graduation Ceremony" for Class 2020

Position:News-Jilin Animation Institute Holds the "Online Graduation Ceremony" for Class 2020

News time:2020-07-10 16:49:00

On July 10th, 2,935 students from the class 2020 of Jilin Animation Institute gathered online. They celebrated their graduation by watching the "Online Graduation Ceremony".

From offline to online, although the form of graduation ceremony has changed, our feeling has not changed. Jilin Animation Institute created a unique graduation ceremony on July 10th through online broadcast, online blessing, online group photo, online exhibition and online performance.

President Lectures the "Last Class"

"Alma mater promises to create an exclusive celebration for you in the future when the epidemic disappears and everything returns to normal! Today, we can't get together on campus, but we will meet again in the crowd in the future!"

The president of Jilin Animation Institute-Zheng Liguo

At the online graduation ceremony, Zheng Liguo, President of Jilin Animation Institute, gave the graduates three proverbs: First, always pursue your dream, cherish your youth time. Students of Jilin Animation Institute should improve their professional ability and professional quality. Students should turn their practical ability into professional ability. Second, full of positive attitude, develop cultural and creative undertakings. As ambassadors of cultural and creative content communication, students of Jilin Animation Institute should create works full of positive energy. Third, continuous innovation. Students should not forget the school motto of Jilin Animation Institute, self-respect, self-improvement, innovation and creation. All the students in Jilin Animation Institute can make contribution to the development of national cultural undertakings and cultural industries! Zheng Liguo president hopes that every student can remember the spirit of Jilin Animation Institute, have responsibility, have the courage to struggle, cherish the youth time.

Nearly 20,000 People Watched it Online, Say “good-bye” to the Alma Mater

A university graduation ceremony is a farewell to student life and the beginning of a new phase of life. In the context of the global COVID-19 outbreak, this year's graduation ceremony has become special. In order to graduate without regret, Jilin Animation Institute has innovated on the graduation ceremony over the years. Jilin Animation Institute hopes to hold an unforgettable graduation ceremony for the class 2020 graduates. The reporter found that the online graduation ceremony of Jilin Animation Institute still has a strong sense of ceremony. There are many parts such as the president's speech, the virtual host, turning the tassel, the chorus of the school song and the speech from the representatives of graduates and parents. The graduates can feel the warmth of their alma mater.

The online graduation ceremony of Jilin Animation Institute in 2020 adopted innovative video production. It integrated virtual reality presentation, animation technology, comics drawing and other technologies. This graduation ceremony not only enhanced the sense of ceremony, but also displayed the project achievements of different departments of Jilin Culture and Art Group. It highlights the characteristics of Jilin Animation Institute, which features "open internationalization, integration of learning, research and production, and high-tech innovation products".

Jilin Animation Institute encourages students to seize the opportunity of national promotion in creative industry, as well as the development of 5G. Students are encouraged to explore new values of technological innovation and industrial integration.

The Virtual Host "Xiaoyudian" Made a Stunning Appearance

The online graduation ceremony of Jilin Animation Institute has many highlights. The most eye-catching is the virtual host "Xiaoyudian". The “Xiaoyudian” is a new look from the upcoming third movie in The Frog Kingdom series. Except for "Xiaoyudian", all the audiences at the ceremony adopted cartoon characters from The Frog Kingdom series. This graduation ceremony used virtual reality technology to build a virtual reality stage and set up virtual audiences. The 2020 online graduation ceremony used a variety of modern technologies to break the shackles of time and space, integrate virtual scenes with real scenes, and show the future world to people.

Parents, Employment Leaders, in Place of the Jilin Animation Institute’s President to Complete the Tassel Ceremony

Since the President cannot turn the tassel for the graduates himself this year, he authorized the parents and employment leaders of each graduate to complete the " turning the tassel " ceremony for graduates. Before that, the institute had already sent the academic dress with the school logo to graduates.

The institute has also customized the academic dresses for the students, with the logo of Jilin Animation Institute. "With you" is embroidered on the right wrist, showing that the alma mater will be together with you all the way.

Teachers and Students Work Together to Create more than 3,000 Graduation Cartoon Images

More than 300 teachers and students of Jilin Animation Institute jointly created and designed graduation cartoon group photo in May 2020. They drew nearly 3,300 cartoon images of teachers and students in one month. "We hope that every graduate will remember the unforgettable graduation season in 2020." Yang Na, a comics teacher at Jilin Animation Institute, told reporters that through team cooperation, the ability of team cooperation and communication between teachers and students has also been enhanced.

At the end of the online graduation ceremony, Liu Xin, the vice president, played the piano, sang the school song with students together to cheer for the future.

Graduation is not the end of growth, but the beginning of the future. To be responsible for the future is to constantly grasp the present. I hope the graduates will have a bright future with confidence, courage, responsibility, innovative spirit and cooperative spirit gained during their study in Jilin Animation Institute.

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