2020 Global Animation Contest Is Coming!

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News time:2020-07-06 14:29:54

Jilin Animation Institute (China) and RUBIKA (France) will jointly hold the online “2020 Global Animation Contest (GAC)” from July 6 to 24.


2020 GAC is an international competition for students who can organize a team to create a chain animation project. The team is composed of students from different countries. This year, 11 students from China and 5 students from France are divided into four groups. Four students in each group jointly create a 30-second animated work. Finally, one from four of the works will be selected to win the certificate and award. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the competition will be held online and students will complete their work at home.

The competition is divided into four phases: Phase 1 (July 7-10) is for the early creation. Phase 2 (July 13-17) is for the creation. Each group will use different means to complete the production of models, materials, animation, lighting rendering, special effects and editing. Phase 3 (July 20-22) is for the visual effect adjustment and rendering synthesis. Phase 4 (July 23) is the final work selection. During the competition, students will also receive guidance from both Chinese and French teachers.

An online competition

Four international teams

Creations from Chinese and French students

Creativity and marvel are off the limits!

Let’s look forward to the online opening of 2020 GAC!


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RUBIKA is combined with three institutes, namely, the ISD (1988), Supinfocom (1988) and Supinfogame (2001). It has branch campuses in France, Canada and India. RUBIKA enjoys a high reputation in the field of animation film, video game and industrial design, and leads in the major of animation. RUBIKA ranks the second in the 2019 Animation Career Review.


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