The Animated Work of JAI Has Been Nominated for Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France

Position:News-The Animated Work of JAI Has Been Nominated for Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France

News time:2020-04-21 10:18:05

Recently, the organizing committee of Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France announced the list of films to be screened. The excellent short animation work "10,000 Ugly Inkblots" created by teachers and students of Jilin Animation Institute was selected from 3,100 works in 94 countries and entered the short film competition.


France Annecy International Animation Film Festival was held in 1960, initiated by the International Association of Animated Films, attracting many professional organizations and thousands of animation practitioners from dozens of countries to the exhibition every year. It is the world's top international animation festival with the longest history among the world's four major animation film festivals and enjoys the reputation of "animation Oscar, animation cannes".


The theme of the work "10000 Ugly Inkblots" comes from the traditional Chinese culture. It adopts the painting art form of Zhu Da and Shi Tao, the famous painters of the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, and tells the story of two painting masters who have never met each other for a long time by combining the unique creation perspective and the rich Chinese ink painting with the modern animation language. Luo Jianglin, the Vice President of Jilin Animation Institute, Dean of animation art school and animation research institute, said, "10000 Ugly Inkblots" is the first 8k-level ultra-hd ink animation short film created by our institute with Chinese painting techniques and new technology. In the process of experimental creation, the international team has solved a series of key technical problems, formed unique production techniques and processes, and created this excellent work with Chinese culture, national characteristics and the spirit of the times with high quality.


"10000 Ugly Inkblots" directed by the famous Russian animator, director, our institute professor DMITRY GELLER, led the school of animation art teachers and students jointly created. Since 2010, DMITRY came to JAI and led JAI teachers and students to create works in 12 countries and more than 20 regions such as Russia, the United States, Belarus, Spain, Ukraine and more than 30 international large comic shows, in the industry has been highly praised and recognized.

This time "10000 Ugly Inkblots" entered the Annecy International Animation Film Festival short film competition unit, is after "Tom and Jerry Who Will Be Buried" won the Japanese Hiroshima International Animation Festival "Best Film" award, the good animation short film works of JAI once again on the international top stage. JAI adhere to the "open internationalization, research the integration of production, creative products high science and technology" characteristic school-running idea, formed by hiring experts at home and abroad and set up expert studio, to create high-quality goods short, greatly to mobilize the students enthusiasm, cultivate students' innovative thinking, improve the teachers and students creative ability, continuously output component of Chinese works in the international arena. 


Animated short works "10000 Ugly Inkblots" landing in France Annecy International Animation Film Festival in 2020, shows the characteristics of running a school results and characteristics of professional teaching and research level, to verify the technical level and artistic level of school work, to fully demonstrate the power of Chinese animation and elegant appearance, to improve target motion has great role in promoting and encouraging international influence.

The website link of "10000 Ugly Inkblots" has been nominated for Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France:

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