International Cooperation and Exchange Center Introducing the Overseas Study Programs to You

Position: Notices | International Cooperation and Exchange Center Introducing the Overseas Study Programs to You   News time:2015-10-14 14:18:40  

Jilin Animation Institute (JAI) adheres to the open mode schooling philosophy and has estabilshed cooperative relationships with 80 colleges and universities on various programs, such as 2+2 double degree program, student exchange program, summer and winter camp. From September 22nd to 23rd, the International Cooperation and Exchange Center has comprehensively explained those programs to students.


While, 2+2 program refers to that students can obtain two bachelor’s degrees through four-year study. Specifically, after two-year study in JAI, the students can go to Konkuk University and University of Portsmouth for the completion of remaining two-year courses and thesis writing. If they are qualified, they can obtain two bachelor's degrees.

In terms of student exchange program, students can go to Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Tai Wan for a-half-year or one-year study with free tuition in several internationally well-known universities.

On winter and summer camp, together with many overseas colleges and universities, JAI implements colorful activities to enrich students’ winter and summer holidays as well as open their minds. And the students can go to England, America, Canada, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Tai Wan.

For master’s degree program, the students who are intended to gain further education, they can take the chances JAI offers.


About the image design program in Korea, all the undergraduates and graduates can go to Konkuk University or other famous design centers in Korea to be trained anout image design. After the training, they can gain course completion certificate. 

Meanwhile, poor students with academic merits, applying student exchange program and 2+2 double degree program can get access to a scholarship. In order to improve the students' language ability. International Cooperation and Exchange Center has opened English and Korean language courses.

Through the explanation, most of the students have got a better understanding of every program. Hope the students can take the precious chances and realize their dreams.

Reported by Hulda