Foreign Affairs Office of people's government in Changchun city came to JAI to carried out some investigations

Position: Events | Foreign Affairs Office of people's government in Changchun city came to JAI to carried out some investigations   News time:2017-12-05 14:55:56  

In December 1, 2017, Bo Zhongtang, associated director of Foreign Affairs (Overseas Chinese Affairs) Office of people’s government in Changchun city, Geng Hailong, the head of the Office of the Americas and Oceania and Zhong Zhirui, the chief of the consular office came to Jilin Animation Institute to carried out some investigations. Hu Weige, deputy vice-principal of JAI, Wang Xiaoyan, vice-principal of JAI and Bao Yiping, executive deputy director of the center for planning and strategic development received the guests. All the staff of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange participated in the report meeting. 


Hu Weige, Wang Xiaoyan and Bao Yiping reporting the work to the research group

Hu Weige first expressed a warm welcome to the research group of Foreign Affairs Office of people’s government in Changchun city and he expressed sincere thanks to them for the support of our institute's foreign affairs. Bo Zhongtang briefly reviewed the activities in 2017 the office and our institute participated in together. It shows that our institute has been doing a lot of practical affairs for the development of foreign affairs in Changchun and even Jilin province, has trained a lot of international talents and has maintained a close and harmonious relationship with Foreign Affairs Office of people’s government in Changchun city.


Leaderships and the research group of Foreign Affairs office

After the report meeting, Bo Zhongtang gave high praise to the achievements of the foreign affairs work of our institute and advanced a suggestion that JAI can take full advantage of the various resources of the Foreign Affairs Office to make greater contributions to Changchun's foreign affairs.