2D Animation Film Mirage City From JAI Won "Golden Dolphin" Award in the 11th Xiamen International Animation Festival

Position: News | 2D Animation Film Mirage City From JAI Won "Golden Dolphin" Award in the 11th Xiamen International Animation Festival   News time:2018-12-06 16:20:25  

  November 16th, Xiamen municipal people's government hosted the 11th Xiamen International Animation Festival "Golden Dolphin" award ceremony in Xiamen,our school two-dimensional animation short film "Mirage City" stand out from 2,662 entries, won the excellent creative animation short Film Award.

  Mirage city is a short animation art movie produced by two-dimensional hand-painted technology, video mainly tells about a boy with a water fish to search for cumulonimbus clouds in the desert.

  As one of the most authoritative, influential and highest prize competitions in the Chinese animation industry, the "Golden Dolphin Award" animation competition is the highlight of Xiamen international animation festival over the years. The competition has received 2,662 entries from 54 countries and regions, including 2,224 domestic works and 438 overseas works.

  The award of our school's works is a phased achievement of deepening the construction of the practical teaching platform integrating learning, research and production. It is also an excellent embodiment of implementing the project system and accurate talent training. Based on creation and driven by students' interests, it gives full play to its advantages and promotes the integration of scientific research, industry and teaching.

  The school of animation art will continue to deepen the practice teaching of open project system, enhance the content of creation of works, strengthen the strength of cultural inheritance of works and expand the value of communication. Improve the transformation ability of core technology achievements and enhance the core competitiveness of school brand development. For the future of all kinds of competitions to get more success!

  Xiamen international animation festival "golden dolphin" animation works competition is one of the most authoritative and influential competitions in the Chinese animation industry, supported by the government, industry and academia. Through the exchange and evaluation of Chinese and foreign animation works, explore excellent animation works and talents people in china, and promote the development of Chinese original animation.

  While highlighting the international communication of animation works, the jury of "golden dolphin" animation competition adheres to the professional evaluation standard, based on domestic and global perspectives. Encourage original works, tap new forces, and promote the harmonious development of China's animation industry.

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May 28, 2018, Mr. Steven brown was invited to the school of animation art of Jilin animation institute to guide the creation of animation art short films for two months

Steven Brown

California institute of arts

Head of the Character Animation Department

  Steven brown works in art, film, animation and education in Los Angeles and Taiwan. He served as deputy director of the department of character animation at CalArts. In addition, Mr. Brown was engaged in thematic entertainment industry in the early stage, designing concept maps of environmental scenes for several famous scenic spots in Las Vegas, and then engaged in the creation of experimental animation films. His film works focused on experimental documentary images, and used the combination of shooting and animation as the means of expression. In 2010, he was awarded the certification honor of local artists by the California municipal art association.


  This time, Mr. Brown was invited to Jilin Animation Institute for creation again. Different from the last time, Mr. Brown and Mr. Liu Jiayi, a teacher of our institute, worked together as the joint director to create animated short films. This is the first time that teachers in our college have been invited by experts from world famous universities to carry out joint creations, which breaks the traditional mode that international experts were unilaterally invited by our school for creation. This is the best proof that the creative ability and level of animation teachers in our school have been recognized by the international level.

  In this process of animation teaching and creation, students involved in the creation not only understand and master the general creative process of two-dimensional animation art short films, but also improve their comprehensive creative ability by participating in the actual production of the project. Mr. Brown has opened the horizons of students, inspired they creative thinking, and improved the level of animation production ,only for creates high-quality original works!

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