Students of JAI won the First Prize of The National “UCHALLENGE” English Speech Contest

Position: News | Students of JAI won the First Prize of The National “UCHALLENGE” English Speech Contest   News time:2018-10-26 15:15:44  

October 20st 2018, the National “UCHALLENGE” English speech contest was held in Jilin Province, the division of the semi-finals in Northeast University of Humanities.The student majors in acting in Film academy chosen by the International Exchange College Wang Yan, who won the first prize in Jilin Province division, with his excellent performance.
The contest is jointly organized by The Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, the Foreign Language Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, the Sub-Committee on the teaching of English in the Ministry of Education and the Chinese Foreign Language and Education Research Center. Selected by the first round, from 45 colleges and universities in Jilin Province, 53 excellent players into the competition, through the proposition speech, impromptu speech, impromptu questions and so on several links of the fierce competition, Wang Yan won the Jilin Province Division first prize of good results, his instructor Wu Jingqi received the first prize of guidance.
Wang Yan  aid after the game, the achievements can’t be separated from the teachers’ careful training,patient guidance and participate in school various competitions and volunteer activities accumulated experience. Through the competition, Wang Yan not only improved his comprehensive ability, but also broadened his horizons and increased his insight. At the same time, also for the Jilin Animation Institute won the honor, is proud of this.
The Faculty of International exchange has given high priority to all teachers since the start of the competition. Whether it is from the selection of contestants, training, or from the content of the speech, skills, competitions, the actual practice of each link, the International Exchange College has arranged excellent teachers as the instructors and give the contestants strict professional and systematic training.
They’ve been adhering to our school "International Open" school philosophy, and actively organize students to participate in all kinds of English competitions, aimed at improving students' English comprehensive ability and level, deepen college English teaching and reform. In the future, the international Exchange College will keep pace with the times, learn from domestic and foreign advanced educational concepts and teaching models, cultivate innovative thinking, practical ability, a high degree of social responsibility, and international vision of the application-oriented talent.