2018 Game Jam

Position: News | 2018 Game Jam   News time:2018-06-25 08:56:42  

2018 Game Jam was held at Jilin Animation Institute. There are more than 100 university students from 9 universities in this competition, including Jeonju University, Kimpo University, Nihon University, Nanyang Technological University, Kongju National University, Hebei Art School, Jilin Normal University, Jilin Art College and Jilin Animation Institute. Competitors conducted creative design, share their experience, made video game within 48 hours. During the competition, many challenging projects have been planned in order to help competitors cooperate with each other. These projects not only let competitors cooperate well, but also made this competition interesting. After 48 hours, competitors had a presentation and their works were selected. Team JK won the golden prize. Team PIXAT won the silver prize. Team Dohu Control House won the bronze prize. This competition help develop the game industry and students can sharpen their professional skills and challenge their mind.