2018 China-France Comics Forum

Position: News | 2018 China-France Comics Forum    News time:2018-06-25 08:53:32  

2018 China-France Comics Forum was held on the 12th of June at Art Centre of our university. The forum aimed at developing the Comics industry in China and France, and providing a platform for art communication between two countries. The holders are French Consulate General in Shenyang and Jilin Animation Institute. The co-holder was School of Comics of JAI. The topic of the forum was China and France Comics-Without boarder. Many comics artists attended this forum. They discussed how comics can balance between creativeness and market with its own unique style and how to develop comics education and development. Li Lan, Consular of French Consulate General in Shenyang, addressed that China-France Comics Forum has become one of the most important events. Hu Weige, Associate President of our university said that this forum has been held 3 years in a row. Our teachers and students could broad their horizon at the forum. We communicated with France about education, art and creation.