Rosaria Iazzetta paid a visit to our school

Position: News | Rosaria Iazzetta paid a visit to our school   News time:2018-05-30 13:51:24  

Rosaria Iazzetta,Sculptor Professor of School of Art of Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli paid a visit to our school. Deputy Directors of International Cooperation and Forum Office, Huang Baizhou and Liu Lie, and Assistant, Huang Qian warmly welcomed Professor Rosaria. She visited our museum first. Then she came to direct students from School of Animation Arts. She said:“The works made by JAI’s students are creative.”  Rosaria also produced for students. She suggested that students could try to use different material to produce. In the afternoon, she gave a lecture on Renaissance Art and Culture. All the students were interested in this lecture. At the end of this visit, Deputy Director Huang, gave her a visiting professor certificate. She hoped that two institutes would have a good cooperation.