Youth Without Limitation, Deep in International Friendship “Travelling in Changchun” Themed Summer Camp

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    On June23, 2017, the International Cooperation and Exchange Office and International Exchange School jointly organized the “Travelling in Changchun” themed summer camp for members of International Volunteers Association and foreign students. This summer camp has promoted the communication and friendship between volunteers and foreign students, and they jointly experienced the charm of different cultures, enriched their spare life, and improved their  artistic inspiration.

    This summer camp was held in Changchun Jingyuetan National Forest Park. Mr. Jiang Long, and Ms. Jin Lu from the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, and Ms. Zhang Ke from International Exchange School led the team of 22 members and students.


Volunteers and foreign students took a group photo in the Jingyuetan Park

     By taking part in a series of interactive games, such as “throwing the handkerchief”, “you draw and I guess”, and “tug of war”, all the students not only enhanced their friendship and teamwork, but also had friendly exchanges with foreign students from Korea and Japan.


Foreign students took part in the game of “you draw and I guess”

    Up to now, “Travelling in Changchun” summer camp organized by International Volunteers Association have been held for the third year. This activity created a platform for students to exchange and interact with others. During the interaction, the students learned more about foreign cultures and practiced their foreign languages.


Volunteers and foreign students took part in “tug of war”

    Through the activity, the students had a further understanding of schooling characteristics of Openness and International Orientation and expressed to make positive contributions to our university’s international exchange with a better spirit in the future. Foreign students also said that the activity added more wonderful memories in their life of studying abroad.


The International Cooperation and Exchange Office

Reported by Jiang Long

Translated by Wei Yike


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    International Volunteer Association of Jilin Animation Institute (JAI·IVA for short) was formally established on May10, 2011 and it is subordinated to the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Jilin Animation Institute. It is consisted of four branches, English branch, Japanese branch, Korean branch, and French branch. The JAI·IVA mainly serves for supporting international forums, various shows and contests, and assisting foreign experts in our university. It aims to build bridges and ties with international experts, accelerate international cultural exchange and development and enrich students’ cultural life in campus.