The French Ambassador in China Speaks Highly of Sino-French Cultural Exchange of JAI

Position: News | The French Ambassador in China Speaks Highly of Sino-French Cultural Exchange of JAI   News time:2017-03-31 11:58:17  

  March 23rd morning, being invited by French  Embassy in China, JAI’s chairman, president Zheng Liguo met the French Ambassador in China, Mr. Gourdault-Montagne. Consul General of French Consulate General in Shenyang, Mr. Marc Lamy, Culture consul Ms. Nadège Le Lan and the translator of French Embassy in China, Mr. Louis Belmont also attended the meeting.

  During the conversation, Zheng Liguo introduced the history of JAI and our general situation to Mr.Gourdault-Montagne.Then,he put forward the perspective for future cooperation.



the Chairman and president Mr.Zheng Liguo introduce JAI’s general situation to the French Ambassador in China, Mr. Gourdault-Montagne.


  Zheng Liguo said that France is one of the most attractive country in the world, it has a profound influence on the worldwide culture. Not only the splendid art, but also the strong scientific and technological strength. Since the foundation of JAI,   we have been working with French companies and universities in the field of cultural and creative industries and have achieved great success. He hopes to continue and deepen cultural exchanges with France in the future, in order to enhance the students’ understanding of French culture.

  Zheng Liguo also mentioned the recent visit in France, the study for a week in Jilin, the JAI’s delegation has visited the French aviation formation school - Aeroformation, the augmented reality company in Paris - Histovery, the animation company - TEAMTO, the film post-production studio - Mac Guff and etc, they have conducted some further negotiations for the potential cooperation.



The Chairman and President, Mr. Zheng Liguo gave a Chinese plate painted with cartoon portrait to the French Ambassador in China, Mr. Gourdault-Montagne.


  Mr. Gourdault-Montagne spoke highly of the international cooperation results between JAI and France. He called Zheng Liguo “a true pioneer”. He said that the Sino-French cooperation of JAI is very impressive, he appreciated the efforts which we did to deepen our friendship. He is willing to do his efforts to continue our cooperation and promised to introduce the officer of French Civil Aviation Administration and the relevant personal of Dassault aircraft company to JAI.

  Since the foundation of JAI, we have been actively expanding cooperation with France in the cultural, creative industry and have maintained a good relationship with the Consulate General of France in Shenyang. In 2016, under the help of Consulate General of France in Shenyang, “China-France Comic Forum”which gathered 10 cartoonists from France, Belgium and China,  was successfully held in JAI. 



Zheng Liguo gave a JAI’s commemorative badge to Mr. Gourdault-Montagne


  In addition, the opening ceremony of the Sino-French cultural exchange activity - “Festival croisements”, will be held in JAI on May 11th. By then, we will have a series of cultural events such as VR JAM competition, VR forum, China-France Comic Forum, fashion design exhibition, etc.

  In the end, chairman and president of JAI, Mr. Zheng Liguo warmly invite Mr.Ambassador to the opening ceremony of “Festival Croisements” on May 11th.  Mr. Gourdault-Montagne said he would try to arrange his schedule,  hoping to witness the great success of this large-scale cultural event.




Planning and Strategic Development Center 

International Cooperation and Exchange Office 

March 30th 2017