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Position:-JAI Recruitment Positions 2024

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Jilin Animation Institute Recruitment Positions

(Industrial high-end talents, artistic creation talents)


Job Titles

Job Requirements


Comics and Game

Animation pre-planning and design, 2D animation , 3D animation, animation special effects, comics, game planning, game evaluation, game original painting, game project development, server development, game derivatives design, digital media art, new media technology and other major directions.

1. Master’s degree or above, gender unlimited, age below 55 years old.

2. Have certain influence in the industry and have high-level research results or practical achievements.

3. With international vision, experience in well-known enterprises or universities, and high reputation in the industry and academic professional field.

4. Have high artistic and literary qualities, with outstanding writing ability and unique creative ability.

5. The projects and achievements created independently or by the organization have won important awards in international and national exhibitions and competitions and have certain social repercussions, or have been promoted and applied in the market and achieved good economic and social benefits.

Film and TV

Drama, film and television literature, acting, directing, film and television photography and production, production management, recording art, radio and television choreography, photography, network and new media, music production, program planning and packaging, post-production editing, costume and clothing design, film and television art design, special effects make-up, film and television special effects and other professional directions.

1.Master degree or above, gender unlimited, age is below 55 years old.

2. Graduated from the major of film and television, with strong practical application ability and innovation ability.

3. Have certain influence in the industry and have high-level research results or practical achievements.

4. With international vision, experience in well-known enterprises or universities, and high reputation and popularity in the industry and academic professional field.

5. Have high artistic and literary qualities, with outstanding writing ability and unique creative ability in perspective.

6. Have strong practical application and innovation ability, the projects created independently or by the organization have been launched ( in theater or on the video platform ) and won awards in the world with certain influence.


. Jilin JAI Cultural Arts Group Co., Lmt. Recruitment Positions

(Industrial talents, technical talents)


Job Titles

Job Requirements

Film and Television


Animation Director

1.8+ years of experience in animation movie directing, participating in the production and completion of large-scale animation movie projects.

2.Rich management experience, strong creativity, communication skills.

Senior Visual Effects Director

1.10 years of experience in film and television special effects, lighting, participate in the production and completion of large-scale animated film projects, with management experience.

2.Good artistic training and art foundation, good control of light and shadow, texture, color and performance ability, have rich experience in the use of lighting to create atmosphere, good at realistic, cartoon style and other styles.

3D Production Director

1.More than 10 years experience in 3D animation movie production, with rich movie project works.

2.Familiar with the whole process of 3D animation production, proficient in mainstream 3D production technology.

3.Proficient in at least one module of assets/animation/special effects/lighting.


1. Proficient in using Maya, ZB and other modeling software with solid modeling skills.

2. Have rich experience in character and scene modeling for film, television and animation projects.


1.Skilled in Maya, PS, ZB, Mudbox, Mari, Substance painter and other production software.

2.Skilled in making asset material mapping.

3.Have strong learning ability, good aesthetics of color, certain art foundation and focus on teamwork.

4.Animation or art related majors.


1.Rich experience in 3D animation binding production.

2.Be able to skillfully use Maya, Mel, Python programming language to improve animation efficiency and facilitate the animator to use the premise of rigging settings.

3.Have some understanding of model structure, wiring and animation design, familiar with HAIR and CLOTH system, and be able to make relevant rigging settings.

4.Familiar with the skeleton structure of living organisms and the way of muscle movement, and have certain modeling ability.

5.Skilled in using various binding operations and related software: Maya, mGear, Facial rigging (expression binding).


1.5+ years of experience in 3D animation production with extensive experience in animation motion capture.

2.Candidates with working experience in the field of computer animation or traditional (hand-drawn) animation will be given preference.

3.Mature Maya animation production ability, familiar with binding, character performance, familiar with the laws of physical dynamics, understanding proficient camera animation, familiar with 3D CG animation production process.

4.Performance foundation, rich experience in animation of four-legged creatures and binding experience is preferred, and have a deep understanding of traditional animation concepts such as extrusion, stretching, and exaggeration. Good sense of animation rhythm.

5.Familiar with various animation operations and related software operations: Maya, motion builder, etc..

Effects Artist

1.Proficient in Maya or Houdini's special effects module, able to use the software and its plug-ins for the production of simple special effects effects such as rigid body, particles, fabrics, etc., with basic synthesis ability.

2.Good at observing phenomena in nature, able to capture the characteristics of various simulation effects and present them in the screen, with certain art composition and color foundation.

3. Be able to produce various effects such as high quality smoke, crushing, particle substitution, fabric, water flow, explosion, ocean, cluster, program animation, etc., and have some research on various effects.

Lighting Designer

1.5+ years of experience in 3D animation lighting production.

2.Thorough understanding and performance of lighting rendering, high knowledge and experience in various lighting production and synthesis.

3.Familiar with the operation software of lighting rendering: Maya, Nuke, Mari, etc..

4.Excellent aesthetics, understanding of light and shadow, color tone, good at creating the atmosphere of the screen. Good knowledge of art and photography.

Stereo Synthesizer


1.Proficient in the use of Nuke, AE and Maya and other related production software.

2.Understanding of 3D imaging and Roto, Depth production principles.

3.Strong learning ability, good aesthetics for color, some art foundation, focus on teamwork.

Asset Manager


1.Familiar with the asset production process of 3D or game engine class, and can independently produce, model, material, binding and other modules.

2.Proficient in Maya,Photoshop, zbrush, substancePainter/Designer, Mari, Marvelous Designer, Advance Skeleton, FaceArt and other software.

3.Have experience in film, television, animation, game industry.

Post-production Compositor

1.5 years of post-production experience in film and television (movie and TV series special effects production industry). Preferably majoring in art and design or film and animation.

2.Skilled and proficient in various post-production software PS, Nuke, AE, etc.

3.Independently complete the lens, and have the ability to finalize the various levels of lens, able to solve the problems encountered in the synthesis, and according to the problem and other departments have the ability to communicate with other departments, with the visual effects director or art director to make the lens of the artistic sense of enhancement.

4.Have good detailing and control of light and shadow, color.

Physical Effects


1.High aesthetic ability, strong modeling control ability.

2.Have some experience in the physical effects industry.

3.Skilled in all kinds of biological structure, strong ability to control skin texture and details.

4.Ability to master different styles of sculpture, with strong original design ability of modeling.


1. Skillfully turn various shapes, half molds and multi-piece molds of various sculptures according to the requirements.

2. Skillfully master the use of various molding materials and the precautions to be taken.

3. Have certain experience in making silicone, epoxy resin, fiberglass, imported BZB resin and other materials, and have experience in making foamed latex silicone fake skin.

4. Strong ability to use raw materials for the production of various fake skin materials.

5. Have some experience in the film and television physical effects industry.


1. Have a solid art foundation, can be required to special effects props, such as coloring, repair and other operations.

2.Skilled in coloring techniques of various materials with various airbrushes, and competent in coloring prosthesis of various materials.

Special Makeup Artist

1. Have rich experience in the film and television physical characteristics of the industry, can carry out film and television live-action skinning, injury makeup and other special effects make-up.

2.Strong ability to recognize the growth structure of character and animal hair; proficient in various hair crochet, dyeing and ironing skills.



1.Mechanical engineering, industrial design and other related majors.

2.Experience as a production line robot simulation engineer, skilled in simulation software installation, configuration and problem handling ability.

3.Be familiar with spot welding, arc welding, stud welding, gluing, edge rolling, laser welding and other welding and assembly processes.

4.Be familiar with the models, parameters and usage occasions of common industrial robots, and be able to perform robot joint definition.

5.Skilled in using PDPS, ROBCAD simulation software for project simulation work.

Film and Television

Animation Pre-design

Art Director

1.More than 5 years of experience as an art director for film projects, with in-depth knowledge of the film production process.

2.Deep art skills and familiar with different art styles.

3.Experience in team management and technical direction.

Previz Supervisor

1.More than 5 years of experience in movie project production, with working experience in the same position.

2.Familiar with movie language and editing, as well as movie production process.

3.In-depth knowledge of Maya and other required software to produce animation independently.

4.Experience and ability in team management.

Character Designer

1.Have a certain understanding of film and television, animation project production process, and be able to take into account the achievability of the production while considering the design.

2.Have high art appreciation ability, solid drawing skills and good color sense.

3. Have certain knowledge and design experience in human structure and garment design, etc.

4.Have good language skills, cooperative attitude and accurate understanding of work requirements and efficient completion.

Scene Designer

1.Have strong comprehensive analysis ability, innovation ability, accurate understanding of work requirements and efficient completion.

2.Have strong sense of responsibility, high commitment to work and be able to cooperate with the team to accomplish the goal.

3.Graduated from art related majors, with certain art skills and computer hand-drawing ability. Have strong learning ability and ability to adapt to the project style, take the initiative to research or learn new techniques to apply to the work.

4. Have solid art skills, be familiar with the correct perspective and proportional relationship. Have high aesthetic quality, be good at mastering color, shape and material. Have a certain understanding of Chinese and foreign architecture and interior design.

Storyboard Design

1. Love film and television, be familiar with 3D and film production process, and skilled in camera language and screen composition with rich experience in storyboard drawing.

2. Have good communication skills, be able to quickly understand the narrative intent of the creators and form a smooth camera concept, requiring a strong sense of camera and communication skills.

3. Have strong organization ability of camera language, be able to use storyboard accurately express the plot and content of the story.

4. Have good imagination, sense of picture and composition ability.

5. Proficient in using relevant production software, such as PS, TBS, Maya, PR, etc.

Game Development

CG Model Development

1. complete the modeling of movie and TV level characters and props according to the requirements of 2D setup drawings.

2. have some self-innovation design ability, cooperate with the original artist to complete the design, and be responsible for the production output of the model.

3. Review the model resources submitted by outsourcing and guide the outsourcing production. 4.

4. Export and import resources into UE or U3D engine for optimization. 5.

5. Collaborate with other team members to improve the material performance in the engine.

6. Act as a mentor to train other team members when necessary.

Senior Game Engineer

1.5+ years of experience in Unity3D or UE for game or virtual reality development.

2.Ability to lead and mentor mid-level engineers in project advancement.

3.Proficient in Unity3D or UE game engine aspects, with a good understanding of the underlying mechanisms.

4.Good programming habits and code coding standards.

5.Team spirit and dedication, as well as independent problem solving ability, good communication.

Interaction Engineer

1.Bachelor degree or above in electronics, communication, automation, control and related majors, with more than 2 years of relevant work experience.

2.Mature project development experience in somatosensory games and immersive experience environments.

3.Experience in human-computer interaction system development using LiDAR, voice recognition module and somatosensory recognition module.

4.Have good understanding and comprehensive analysis ability, can work well with the team, have strong self-driven ability and anti-pressure ability.

5.Experience in radio communication related development projects is preferred.

Server Development Engineer

1.At least familiar with Python, java, C++ development language in one, have actual Python background experience is best.

2.Three years of background server development experience, master commonly used Python web framework, familiar with the best Django.

3.Solid programming skills, clear logical thinking, able to independently analyze and solve problems.

4.Familiar with linux system and basic operation, have some understanding of Apache/Nginx proxy server configuration.

5.Familiar with Mysql/Redis/MongoDb and other mainstream databases, with mysql development experience is best.

6.Familiar with JavaScript, Query, HTML, CSS and other front-end technologies, react, vue development experience is best.

7.Experience in large-scale system operation and maintenance on the Internet, familiar with code submission, testing and release process.

8.Have the ability to learn and study new technologies quickly, have a good teamwork spirit, and be able to reach the goal together with the team.

Image Processing Software Engineer

Image processing software engineer

1.Major in Computer Science, Electronic Information, Automation, Applied Mathematics and other related majors.

2.In-depth understanding and research on CNN, 3D-CNN, LSTM and other methods, and complete knowledge and understanding of machine learning and deep learning related to computer vision.

3.Familiar with deep learning optimization, parameter tuning, sample expansion and enhancement, loss function design, anti overfitting and other basic training technology tools, familiar with deep learning model building methods.

4.Familiar with the research and development of models for abnormal behavior detection, video behavior understanding, video attribute understanding, video target detection, etc., able to independently undertake model design and implementation, with relevant practical project experience preferred.

5.Familiar with deep learning, computer vision open source frameworks, such as Pytorch, OpenCV, etc., at least one deep learning framework for large-scale data training experience (preferred Pytorch framework), with experience in landing projects.

6.Have good psychological quality and work pressure ability, imaginative and learning ability, strong communication and teamwork spirit, rich research spirit on technology, serious, down-to-earth, strong sense of responsibility.

Engine Technical Art

1.Bachelor degree or above, majoring in computer or art related majors.

2.TA position working experience or clear TA direction willingness, with complete project development experience.

3.Experience in U3D or unreal other game engine development, familiar with 3D technology, understanding of 3D programming and graphics algorithms and scripting languages.

4.Familiar with at least one scripting language, e.g. python etc. Familiar with at least one programming language, e.g. C++, C#, etc.

5.Proficient in shader, familiar with the execution process of shader in the rendering pipeline, able to produce shader that meets the needs of the art, experience in shader performance optimization is a plus.

6.Familiar with game art development processFamiliar with PBR or NPR process and standards.

Senior 2D Artist

1.More than five years experience in game industry.

2.Solid art foundation, good aesthetics, good conceptual design skills, and a foundation in split-screen design and drawing.

3.Love game animation, wide range of hobbies, and have a broad understanding of game products on the market.

4.Have a certain understanding of all aspects of game art development, familiar with Unity engine, able to integrate the design into the engine.

5. Basic video production ability is preferred, familiar with the language of the camera.

6.Proficient in the direction of the original character drawing, at least from 0 to 1 led a game art style, with a complete and mature game master art experience.


Senior Motion Designer

1.Love games, deep understanding of different animation styles (cartoon>realistic), able to quickly adapt to different styles of production, rich experience in game R&D, at least 5 years of experience in animation, participated in the production of a number of games.

2.Deep animation skills and aesthetic ability, rich in creativity and imagination, solid art foundation, proficient in human body, biological movement law, with high aesthetic ability, deep animation skills and aesthetic ability, rich in creativity and imagination.

3.Good communication, coordination and expression skills, with the sense and ability to promote and solve problems.

4.Familiar with commercial 3D engine, proficient in more than 2 kinds of animation software 3D Max, Motionbuilder, Maya, Spine.

5.Knowledge and ability of skeleton setting, experience in skinning and weight adjustment.

6.Have the spirit of collaboration, have a sense of initiative, strong sense of responsibility, can withstand a certain degree of pressure, maintain the spirit of learning.

7.Have experience in animation and CG animation production experience familiar with the whole process of motion capture to data output, have experience in guiding motion capture actors is preferred, have experience in expression system is preferred.


Product Operator

1.Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years operation experience in social community direction, understanding and insight of domestic and international mainstream social community products, like to experience new products and new entertainment play, experience in social community direction products is a plus.

2.Good user empathy, clear logic, data sensitivity, many new ideas and can be landed, can grasp the key, can clearly define the problem and essential to solve the problem.

3.Excellent team leadership and project promotion ability, able to continuously improve the team's ability and complete the operation index under the pressure of rapid change.

4.Strong ability to analyze product and user psychology, and strong ability to analyze market development direction and dynamics.

5.Full enthusiasm and curiosity for making social community-oriented products from 0 to 1, and regard work as fun and career.


Senior Engineer (SDK)

1.Master degree or above, computer graphics, computer vision, deep learning and other fields.

2.Skilled in C/C++/python/pytorch/Unity3D/OpenCV/FFMPEG, etc.

3.Skilled in SDK design and development for Android, iOS, Unity and other multi-platforms.

4.Familiar with mobile platform inference framework (TNN/MNN/NCNN, etc.) development experience.

5.Hootsuite related project development experience is preferred.

6.Good teamwork and communication skills.


Game Planner

1.Have game planning experience and played all kinds of games.

2.Love the game industry and have certain knowledge and understanding of various games.

3.Have certain experience and ability in numerical value, system, plot and level.

4.Strong logical thinking and analytical ability, rich imagination and innovation, willingness and ability to learn.

5.Active thinking, friendly, and have certain anti-pressure ability.

6.Experience in complete game development is preferred.


JS Program Development

1.Master degree or above in computer related majors.

2.proficient in js development, familiar with mainstream js framework, familiar with web front-end related technologies.

3.Familiar with 3d rendering principles, familiar with computer graphics, 3D geometry principles, familiar with H5 rendering optimization. Understand WebGL, familiar with related common js framework.

4.Have at least 2 years complete 3d graphics related development experience or WebGL development experience, web3d related development experience is preferred.

5.English level 4 or above.

6.Good collaboration and communication skills, good code management skills, strong sense of responsibility.





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