Jilin International Animation and Comics Museum

With three years’ careful preparation, Jilin International Animation and Comics Museum (JIACM) has been completed in Jilin Animation,Comics and Games Creative Industry Park. Covering 5,000 square kilometers, JIACM is the only museum featured by animation and games among the hundreds of Chinese colleges and universities, with the consultative committee and art committee formed by internationally well known experts and authoritative people and Mr. Rolf Jensen, the curator of German Film Museum, as the first curator.

Focused on internationalization and marketization, and featured by collecting and researching domestic and foreign exquisite works, the construction group of JIACM employs new media technology, such as acoustics, optics and electricity and virtual reality, displays the historic changes of the integration of animation game art and technology, inclusively inherits the exquisite skills and humanistic feelings of animation game master, and collects the exquisite domestic and foreign works in the hope of creating a fantastic animation kingdom via high-tech, an international research and study museum, and an internationally well-known platform for animationand game works collection and exhibition thereby facilitating the coordinated development of China animation and game research, education and industry.

JIACM was officially granted by Jilin Province Cultural Relics Bureau and opened on September 5th, 2012. More than 5,000 international animation and game works from China, Japan, Korea, Czech, Spain, Germany, America and England, etc are collected. And the works include the original manuscripts of “The Dinosaur Getty” and “The Sinking of Lusitania”, drawn by Winsor McCay, the American animation master, 100 years ago; the stop-motion puppet from Germany; classic cartoons from Japan, Korea and European countries; IFA original animation and puppet from Germany and game machines from early times to now, and the like.

With the guidance and support from Jilin Province Cultural Relics Bureau and Changchun Cultural Affair Bureau and the like, JIACM will be re-constructed in another place of Changchun and become a nation even world level platform for cultural exquisite works expo, thus enriching the populous spiritual life, promoting national traditions and Chinese culture and cultivating the sense of pride and cultural confidence. Also, the multicultural essence of animation and game of JIACM will open the students’ minds, and assist them in the establishment of right values, historical and cultural views.

Panoramic Map