Introduction of Company

News time : 2015-10-21 08:10:49

Fifth Dimension Animation & Games Technology (Jilin) Co. LTD

Since Fifth Dimension Animation & Games Technology (Jilin) Co. LTD (formerly Jilin VIXO Animation, Comics & Games Technology Co. LTD ) was founded in 2008, it has been relying on and integrating the rich human resources, creative resources and excellent brand operation ability of the Fifth Dimension Animation & Games Technology(Jilin)Co. LTD and Jilin Animation Institute. It also has been improving the ability of key animation technology innovation and the ability of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and constructed a relatively complete industry chain on the basis of the Animation and Film & Television to achieve the goal of the healthy and rapid development.

The business scope of Fifth Dimension Animation & Games Technology (Jilin) Co. LTD covers the production, distribution and management of film and television programs and animation; the development, production and marketing of Software; the technology services of Animation, Comics & Games; the art exhibition and planning of Animation & Cartoon; the marketing and planning of Animation & Cartoon products, etc. The company has a team of more than 400 people working for professional production and management, including famous directors in China and abroad and all kinds of technical specialists. The company has been approved by the National Ministry of Culture as "National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base" in 2011; and approved by Jilin province for the provincial level Learn-Study-Industry Cooperation Demonstration Base in 2013.

In accordance with the collectivization development goal, Fifth Dimension Animation & Games Technology(Jilin) Co. LTD has formed four subsidiaries, including the Film, Television & Media company, the Film and Television Production company, the Network Technology company, the Industrial Park Management company, and these four are all independent legal entities. According to market demand, each subsidiary combines art & technology with market in order to develop its own system. At the same time, these four subsidiaries can develop a mode of interactive development and complement, and effectively promote the development and the establishment of the enterprise and the products brand, so as to extend the life cycle of the products.

Fifth Dimension Animation & Games Technology(Jilin) Co. LTD, in accordance with modern enterprise management concept, carry out the marketing strategy of "to pay attention to the market, to adhere to the original creation, to carry forward the Chinese excellent culture, to build international cultural brand " , having created a number of original animation, film & television works which are deeply adored by the audience, including: the 90 minutes’ 3D animated film "Frog Kingdom" in theaters in December 2013 across the country; the 104 episodes, large-scale, creative cartoon series "Chang Bai Mountain Spirit"; the 26 episodes, large-scale, creative cartoon series "No. 1 Happy street" in CCTV Children Channel; the 4D animated film “Folks” was played in the hall of Jilin province in the 2010 world expo; the 4D movie “The seed” has been played in each big theme park. The culture products of the company received many compliments by all industries once they are released, and won lots awards within and outside the country, such as: “Five-One Project”, “The Second Animation award of Chinese Culture and Art Government Award”, “Asia Pacific Screen Awards Nomination for Best Animated Feature Film”, “Chinese “Monkey” Animation Award”, “Chang Bai Literary Prize of Jilin Province”, “Emerging Award of Online Game of Chinese Online Culture Grand Ceremony”, “The Best Aesthetic Award of Chinese Fine Animation 2011”, etc.

Fifth Dimension Animation & Games Technology (Jilin) Co. LTD is dedicated to follow the leading edge of creative Industries and international advanced technology. Based on the need of self-development and the market, the center persistently conduct research an development on key technologies that restrict the development of creative Industries as well as on transformation of scientific and technological achievement. By doing this, the center continuously create technological advantages and core competitiveness to drive the development of VIXO and the institute in creative industries. The center take Special Animation and Film Technology, Brain-Computer Interface,Augmented Reality,Mobile Internet technology,Mobile game technique, Kinect and Search-engine Technology as the main research directions, and strive for the achievements of technological innovations with independent intellectual property rights so as to promote the development of VIXO .Together with Jilin Animation Institute, the company completed the Technological Achievements Transformation (STAT) projects of “score years” major project of Jilin province which launched by Science and Technology Agency in 2011-“Industrialization of Animation Key Technology Integration”, and the project has already successfully passed the final judgment. “Application Demonstration of Kinect and Interactive Game and Increase Reality Technology Integration” was become a project of National Scientific Support Plan.

In the future, Fifth Dimension Animation & Games Technology (Jilin) Co. LTD will based on the overall demand of gaining huge development and prosperity of Chinese culture industry as well as the request of international market to integrate the advantage resources and to build a film and television entertainment industrial group which connects culture and technology and have an international influence. The company will continuously produce film and television products that meet the demands of the market, and make contribution to build a national brand.


3D Animation Feature Film The Frog Kingdom is the first original 3D Animation Feature Film in Jilin Province which is created by Fifth Dimension Animation & Games Technology (Jilin) Co. LTD and Jilin Animation Institute. This film is created according to the local culture and ethnic characteristics. It is mainly talk about the Princess of the Kingdom leads the warriors to fight with the evil, and protect their own territory. The script is novelty;  the theme is positive, which is an inspirational animation feature film in the new era to convey positive energy. The characters in this Film are not only unique in pose and action, but also with vivid and modern human mentality. The plots in the script are created reasonable and tight, with the sense of humorous and suspense. In the production progress, the company research and developed the Production Management System, Skeletal Muscle Automatically Generated System, Facial Expression Capture System, and more than 200 systems as well. This breakthrough the technical problems in domestic animation feature film and Special Effect, which meet the requirement of challenging “all ages”. It is a perfect merge in art, technique and market.

Feature Film The Frog Kingdom is released among 3,000 cinemas on December 28, 2013. The fine 3D techniques, the positive script and new international style arises the audience’s enthusiasm, which achieved good fame and high sales. This also becomes the Greatest Work among the films shown in the same period of time, which achieved good social effect and economic benefits. Feature Film The Frog Kingdom achieved many domestic and overseas awards, such as The 13th Construction  of Spiritual  Civilization  "Five-One  Project"  Award,  “2nd Chinese  Culture and Art Government  Animation” Award, “Jilin Province Changbai Mountain Literary and Art”Award, etc.

The Frog Kingdom Ⅱ The Frog Kingdom Adventure of Icy Cave

This Animation Feature Film continues the art design style and techniques from The Frog Kingdom. The theme is positive and uncourageous, which promotes the spirits of justice, courage, solidarity and collaboration. The film is mainly about Minister Bao Jie from Frog Kingdom disappeared, and the legend of cristal Frog comes  out.  With  the  lead  of  Frog  King, brave Princess Jike, Rain Drop, Bao Jie, Richer start to look for the mystery trip to Cristal Frog.




4D Circular Screen Film “Folks”

4D Circular Screen film ‘Folks’ applies the technique of 180 degrees circular screen, stereo imaging, moving chairs, and the effects of sound, light, scent, water, fog, bubble and snow, showing the audience vivid beautiful pictures and letting them have the extraordinary feeling of being personally in the scene. It tells the story of a girl. She meets with a Manchurian Tiger which has saved her life. Through the touching story, the film reflects the harmonious and interdependent relationship between human and nature, meanwhile leading the audience to experience the magnificent beauty and magic of the Changbai Mountain. The elements of northeast regional characteristics, such as the Manchurian Tiger, mink, snow-covered landscape, Tianchi on Changbai Mountain, waterfalls of Tianchi and so on, are perfectly presented in the film.  The film was the project of the Jilin Pavilion in the Shanghai World Expo 2010, and was highly praised by domestic and international media and visitors during the exhibition. 



4D Film  “The Seed”  is a science  fiction  film  in an alternate reality. Through the description of the hero’s difficult progress finding  natural  vegetation  and  the  method  of  rescuing  the earth, the film implies that only the peaceful green earth is the only true homeland for human beings. ‘The Seed’ adds environmental effect and simulation to the original 3D film in order to enhance the sense of presence by giving audiences the sensory stimulation related to the content of the film. The film has been screened in several big theme parks in China.

4D Film "Sports Meeting of Frog Kingdom" The biggest day in the Frog Kingdom is the sports meeting every four years. And the sports meeting this year is different from previous years, since the King will choose a suitable fiancé for Princess Jike. All of the young warriors from across the country want to marry this pretty princess. The main character Rain Drop is one of them, he has no proud records and a strong body, but he still comes to the sports meeting since he loves Jike purely. He and other opponents will faces the cruel challenges from the King.


104-Episode Animated Series “Changbai Mountain Spirit” The  animated  series  is  using  Ginseng  Prince,  animals,  plants  and  birds  as  the  main  characters,  circling  harmony, environment protection, honesty and bravery as the theme. This series show a mystical northeast characteristics and interesting adventure story. It has been broadcasted in Sep. 2012 on CCTV.

This series aim to publicize the local cultural characteristics of Jilin province. To display the unique natural sceneries, local conditions and customs and northeast culture for people. Let people understand Jilin and Changbai Mountain. Stimulate people’s travel enthusiasm, and promote the economic and cultural life in Jilin province.In order to build the unique brand of Jilin province, the company will create other related animated films base on this TV series.


Animated Series “No. 1 Happy Street” The animated series “No. 1 Happy Street”uses modern 2D technique. The story is based on the life of the children who live in an old residence area which will be demolished soon, and it starts from the heroine Xiao Jia’s common family. This series mirror the rich inner world of the children and their good wishes through the real and funny stories between Xiao Jia and her friends, thus show the harmonious human-nature and human-animal relationship.

This animated series had been shown on CCTV during the Beijing Olympic Games. With high audience rating, it not only aroused echoes in the hearts of the youngsters, but also won a lot of awards in China.