Who We Are

News time : 2018-01-17 10:01:35


International Cooperation and Exchange Center(ICEC)

The International Students Office of International Cooperation and Exchange Center mainly in charge of the affaires which include helping students register all kinds of visa, supplying consultation services , issuing relevant letters , agent enrollment in JAI, checking in procedures .In addition ,helping students unify to register various types of visa processing ahead of enrollment for each semester .We are responsible for the airport reception work and tutor the Chinese  Mandarin lessons for the students ,in order to help students be qualified good language level to assimilate into the college life in China as soon as possible.

Division office clerk for International students

Contact Information

Office address:Room 1702, Jilin Creative Industry Park of Animation ,Comics & Games

Contact:86-431-87018878  86-431-87019935


Address:Room 1702,International Cooperation and Exchange Center, Jilin Animation Institute, Jilin Creative Industry Park of Animation Comics &Games ,No.2888 Guigu Street High-tech Industry Development Zone, Changchun ,China 130012