China-Korea Film and Television Media Summit Forum, International Animation, Comics and Games Forum, Jilin China 2015 and Retrospect and Prospect of JAI's 15th Anniversary Celebration

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From September 14th to 16th, 2015, culture elites at home and abroad came to Jilin Animation Institute (JAI) and attended a series of activities of China-Korea Film and Television Media Summit Forum, International Animation, Comics and Games Forum, Jilin China and Retrospect and Prospect of JAI's 15th Anniversary Celebration.

Over 50 internationally well-known experts in the field of film, television, media, animation and games, from nearly 20 countries, including China, Korea, America and Italy, were in the same hall to celebrate a culture industry event, which was combined by education and culture, creation and arts.

Experts in the Field of Film, Television and Media Envisaged the Future of China-Korea Cooperation

September 15th, 2015 was the 15th anniversary of JAI's establishment. With the theme of "Culture Leading the Future", JAI held a series of activities from September 14th to 16th. China-Korea Film, Television Media Summit Forum 2015 from September 15th to 16th, the centerpiece of those activities, was organized by China Cultural Chamber of Commerce for the Private Center, Busan Contents Market Committee and JAI, with the theme of "New Ideas and New Power of China-Korea Film, Television and Media Development".

More than 10 Chinese and Korean experts and scholars in the field of film, television and media were invited to attend this forum, including Jiang Ping, the general manager of China Film Co., LTD; Wang Danyan, the deputy director and secretary general of State General Administration of Press, Publication Radio, Film and Television (SGAPPRFT) and China TV Artists Association; Miodrag Colombo, the effects director of "Inception" and "Hugo", which were awarded as the Best Effects Film of Oscar, coming from Italy; Kim Sae Hoon, the chairman of Korean Film Revitalization Committee; Koo Jong Sang, the executive chairman of Busan·Korea Contents Market Committee; Hong Sang Pyo,the former president of Korea Culture Industry Revitalization Academy; and Chung Yong Tak, the honorary professor of drama and film subjects in Hanyang University and have their ideas exchanged pertaining to current hot issues trends of China-Korea film, television and media, film and television content marketing, and vision on the future of China-Korea film, television and media cooperation.

Meanwhile, the opening ceremony of School of Film in JAI was held. With the robust development of China film industry, JAI would make full use of its advantages and play an important role in cultivating film talents, producing more original animation films and outstanding films, thus transforming China from a big country to a powerful country in film.

Elites in Field of Animation, Comics and Games Grasped the New Trends

International Animation, Comics and Games Forum, Jilin China 2015, formed by animation,comics and games forums, was a big event of those activities. Nearly 20 experts from China, America and Korea, etc were invited to have their ideas exchanged and share with us about the trends of animation, comics and games industry.

Guests attending this forum were well-known, including Miodrag Colombo, the effects director of several excellent films, such as “Inception”and “Hugo”, Alex Weight, the chief animator of the animation film, “Happy Feet”, Park Sehyung, a professor of School of Media in Korea National University of Arts, Vesterbacka Jan-Peter Edvin, the creator of game "Angry Bird" and the chief marketing officer of Rovio Entertainment Co., LTD., Kim II, the CEO of Korea Crazy Heart Game Company, etc.

All those experts, coming together in Changchun, discussed the advantages and the bottleneck of Jilin animation development, the new phenomena and the trends of international animation and games. Through the high-level and in-depth discussion, a goal was set that enhancing the docking ability of talents cultivation and industry demands, transmitting the aesthetic arts of the world excellent animation and games works, fully deepening the exchange and cooperation between Jilin and the world thereby fostering the rapid development of China animation, comics and games education and industry.

The 7th “Snow Wolf Cup”Animation Competition: Oscar for Chinese Animation 

Simultaneously, the 7th "Snow Wolf Cup" Animation Competition was held, which was organized by China Cultural Chamber of Commerce for the Private Center and JAI, iQIYI, Comicyu.Com, Fifth Dimension Animation & Games Tech-nology (Jilin) Group  Co., LTD, with the theme of "Running together with Chinese Animation".

Through the ranking of foreign and Chinese animation works, lots of excellent domestic animation works and talents were discovered, the animation industry would be developed  and the platform for communication among animation companies, animation studios and artistic creators would be established.

Works were classified as animation and comics. From July 1st to present, 1,316 works have been collected, including 173 international works, 560 animation works, and 756 comic works. Through committee’s strict initial evaluation, and three-day final assessment by review group, formed by foreign and domestic experts, such as Chang Guangxi, Jin Guoping, Huang Xinyuan, Park Sehyung, Martel Hugues, Jin Cheng, Wong, Joseph Chak, Chen Weidong, Joo Wan Soo, Arima Keitaro, 9 animation categories, including Best Animated Feature Award, Best Animated Award, Best Animated Television Award, Best Animated Short Film Award and 9 comic categories, including Best Single Comic Award, Best Four-frame Comic Award and Best Muti-grid Comic Award. And those awards were released in the evening party.

The past successfully held "Snow Wolf Cup" animation competitions have demonstrated that "Snow Wolf Cup" is becoming an international and professional contest. And this award ceremony would beome the platform for the exchange and cooperation of world animators.

Youth Art Quality Education Forum 2015: A Road to Artistic Education

In addition, Youth Art Quality Education Forum 2015 was another bright event. Presidents and teachers of high school and art school from nearly 20 provinces, cities all over the country were invited and have had discussions with the guests about the interface between higher artistic education and elementary education and the cultivation of professional artistic talents.

In the forum, JAI and representatives of the attending schools have signed "JAI Artistic Quality Education Agreement" and reached a rapport on co-establishing artistic quality education and co-cultivating excellent students.

In a word, this forum was not only a semionar about youth artistic quality education, but also about the interface between elementary and higher education. The signed agreement would fully make use of advantages of the art college subjects, facilitate the seamless connection between elementary and higher education on the cultivation of artistic talents.

JAI Signed a Strategic Agreement with Communication University of China and Beijing Film Academy: Co-establishing China Animation Film Brand

JAI signed a strategic agreement with Communication University of China and Beijing Film Academy. In accordance with this agreement, the three parties would set up projects, organize the faculties and students to co-create animation series, animation film, film combined by real person and animation, etc, co-develop new technologies and hold seminars and symposiums.

Through joint efforts, the three parties encourage the students to work together, foster their creative awareness, creative thought, artistic quality and practical ability. In addition to focusing on the cultivation of students' connotative development, the three parties would strengthen students' business thought, enterprise concept and brand awareness.

Through technology innovation, the three parties would aim to facilitate the core competitiveness of culture products, integrate art, technology into market, promote the development of China animation education and animation industry and realize the goal of "China animation film brand will be internationally well-known".

JAI Established a Platform for the Exchanges between National and World Culture Industry

The three-day forum was successfully concluded with the dedication of experts in many fields. The culture and art feast was a window to JAI' s vision of "Leading the Future" and brilliant achievement of JAI over the 15 years.

Since 2000, the year of establishment, JAI has paved the way of distinctive development. With the features of "Open Internationalization, Integration of Education, Research and High Technicalization of Creative Products", JAI has been awarded as National Animation Teaching and Research Base, National Animation Industry Base, National Demonstration Base of Culture Industry, Jilin Province Colleges and Universities Animation Engineering Center and Games and Interactive Media Engineering Center. Through the establishment of Jilin Province Animation and Games Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance with 21 colleges and enterprises, JAI has become Jilin Province Industry, Education and Research Cooperation Demonstration Base and Jilin Animation and Games Culture Research Base.

Over the past 15 years, JAI has become the leader in national higher education for animation, comics and games and been honored as the "cradle for China animation, comics and games talents". Also, JAI has been eulogized as "a thoughtful college with distinctive features and potentials and a successful example of national private colleges". Student-centered JAI and Fifth Dimension Group Company have co-created many works, including animation films of "Frog Kingdom", "Changbai Mountain Spirit", "No.1 Happy Street", 4D special films and animation series, 201 excellent animated short films, such as "I Saw Mice Burying a Cat", and 2 large Internet games, such as "Guan Gong". JAI has made great contributions to Jilin Province Culture Industry, especially, animation and games industry.

With 15 years' struggle, JAI has made great achievements in China animation education innovation and played an important role in the soaring of Jilin and national culture industry.