"Da Bai Xiao Lin" Group Release Their Latest Song "Youth"

Position:News-"Da Bai Xiao Lin" Group Release Their Latest Song "Youth"

News time:2020-09-15 10:55:00

On September 14, the day before the beginning of the series of activities for the 20th anniversary of Jilin Animation Institute, the signed artist of Jilin JAI Culture Arts Group, "Da  Bai Xiao Lin" group release their latest song "Towards Youth". This song is the most special gift from "Da Bai Xiao Lin" to Jilin Animation Institute on its 20th birthday.

The new song "Youth" combines the style of campus ballad, expressing the infinite yearning of teenagers for freedom and youth. "Da Bai Xiao Lin" group convey to the world a vibrant, creative, youthful and sunny attitude of youth through this music.

When mentioned the creation background of the song, the group said that the song’s inspiration was from the life they have passed, they hope can always like a young man, brave to pursue their dream life, from the lyrics, they express the courage to pursue beautiful things bravely and the positive and energetic attitude towards life.


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