2017 International students GameJam

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The "2017 International Students GameJam" jointly sponsored by Jilin animation Institute and South Korea Mobile Games Association was successfully held in Jilin Creative Industry Park of Animation, Comics & Games from October 16, 2017 to October 18, 2017.

Overseas universities participating in this GameJam includes Jeonju University, Kimpo University,Japanese University and Nihon University,college of Industrial Technology. The participating universities include Communication University of China, Hebei Academy of Fine Arts, Xi'an Polytechnic University, Jilin Normal University and Jilin animation Institute.

This GameJam required within 48 hours of game design, game scene design, programming, sound effect, graphics and other skills perfect together, finally completing a game. The stars of cultural industry and game industry students are coming from different places and with different cultural background. They are gathered by this international GameJam and test the limit of game with limit time.

The awards ceremony was warmly attended, everybody come to Jilin Animation Institute with great anticipation were much profited by this trip.In just 48 hours,not only did we gain knowledge, but we gained friendship with other fraternal institutions. After the awarding ceremony, the teams of all the universities took photos at the art center of Jilin animation Institute with the feeling of farewell and the expectation of next meeting.


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