Integration of Education, Research and Industry
  • The Animation is the leading major of JAI, and the Animation major of JAI is listed as the first one of its kind in China. In 2018 and 2019, the Animation major was successively rated as national characteristic major, provincial characteristic major, provincial brand major, provincial first-class undergraduate major, national first-class undergraduate major construction point, etc. Directions: Animation planning and design, film and television animation, new media, animation, film and television special effects, animation management and marketing. 
    Major: Animation

  • The School of Comics focuses on cultivating high-quality, innovative and applied comics talents. Currently, there are 8 basic teaching studios, 9 laboratories, 2 exhibition halls and 7 multimedia classrooms, and the schoolworks together with relevant industrial companies to build a practical teaching platform for comics learning and production. The platform consists of 6 new media comics studios, comics creative factories, business incubation centers, employment and internship bases, etc.Direction: New media comics.
    Major: Comics

  • The School of Game, founded in March 2009, formerly known as Digital Media Art Department of Jilin Animation Institute, is one of the earliest Chinese universities engaged in digital media related professional education. Relying on the influence of Jilin Animation Institute and its teaching and research strength, it has gradually formed the characteristics and advantages of combining art with science and technology.Directions: Game planning, game art, game derivatives design.
    Major: Digital Media Art

  • The School of Design has established a practical teaching platform of university-industry docking, driven by practical projects, mass entrepreneurship and innovation projects, and exhibition and competition projects, with interdisciplinary and professional integration. There are 20 distinctive studios such as master studio, graphic design studio, digital media design studio, interior design studio, architectural visual design studio, virtual reality design studio, interactive design studio, etc., leading the practice teaching with high-end projects. Directions:Brand visual design, digital media design, advertising design,interior design, architectural visual design.
    Majors: Art and Technology                                                           Visual Communication Design                                      Environmental Design

  • The School of Industrial Design, formerly known as the Department of Product Design, was established in September 2015. The school has set up two practice studios specializing in product design and Industrial Art Design, with cultural and creative derivative products, furniture, electrical appliances, jewelry art, ceramic art, fiber art and leather goods art as the research direction of the studio projects. Combined with the school's industrial advantages, the School of Industrial Design encourages students to find jobs and start their own businesses during their junior and senior years of platform learning.
    Majors: Product Design                                                          Arts and Crafts  

  • The talent cultivation of the Schoolof Film adopts the mode of combining basic teaching and practical teaching, and the mode of integrating teaching and industry. Theschool has set play rehearsal, television production, film and television experiment for the integration of hardware facilities, such as laboratory, studio, small theater, studio, multimedia classroom, exhibition hall, etc., can provide "photographing, video-taping, recording, editing, director, performances, editing, packaging," the film and television products complete industrial chain of basic course experiment. Directions:Film and television drama, film and television production management,the film and television performances,film and television director, film editing.
    Major: Acting                                                                                          Films and TV Photography&Production                          Drama, Film and TV Literature                                           Film and TV Directing                                                            Recording Art 

  • The School of TV and New Media was established in 2004. The college focuses on cultivating high-quality applied talents with the integration of collecting, editing, broadcasting and distributing. According to the needs of the development of JAI' s industrial layout, the school has established a teaching-oriented and industrial-oriented platform. Relying on various training rooms and studios, the school promotes the integration of various majors and practices the talent cultivation mechanism integrating learning, research and production. Directions:Integration of collecting, editing, broadcasting and distributing.
    Majors: Photography                                                                   Broadcasting and Hosting Art                                         Broadcasting and TV                                                             Internet and New Media  

  • The key construction of the School of Cinema Art in the future will focus on special effect makeup, drama, film and television art design, film and television costume design as the main direction, so that the school will become a character modeling school with both characteristics and relatively comprehensive. With teaching as the center, film and television art creation and production as the main body, and character modeling in the film and television market as the support, the school has gradually formed a virtuous cycle of artistic creation and social life aesthetic pursuit of interaction, complementation, mutual integration and common development. Directions:Film and television costume design,film and television art design, special effect makeup.
    Majors: Costume and Costume Design                                Drama Film and TV Art Design  

  • Supported by the governments of China and New Zealand and approved by the Ministry of Education, Jilin Animation Institute and New Zealand Institute of Media Design jointly hold the undergraduate education project of Animation major (Film and Television Special effects), filling the gap of Jilin Provincial universities and top foreign universities in jointly cultivating applied talents in the field of animation film special effects. The School established the International Academy of Film and Television Special Effects in 2018 and began to recruit students nationwide in the same year.
    Major: Animation (Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools) (Teaching in English, exchange program only)  

  • The School of Virtual Reality in JAI is China's early integration of animation technology game development technology film and television technology APP technology virtual reality and augmented reality.The 3D interaction Technology Laboratory of Virtual Reality School was awarded the project approval training laboratory of Jilin University Key Laboratory, mainly studying intelligent interaction technology, holographic 3D interaction technology, lightweight Web 3D online interaction technology, animation robot and other technologies. Directions: APP development technology, visual media technology, intelligent interactive technology, game development technology.
    Majors: Software Engineering                                                             Digital Media Technology                                                   Virtual Reality Technology                                                     Data Science and Technology of Data

  • The School of Creative Industry pays attention to strengthen students' cultural quality and artistic accomplishment, culture and art management, operation and management, advertising planning and creative cultural industry.For cultural management departments, cultural research institutions, cultural institutions, especially cultural enterprises, to cultivate the cultural industry with a systematic theoretical basis, strong application ability, good professional quality of the urgently needed compound talents.
    Majors: Marketing                                                                                     Cultural Industrial Management                                                 Internet Finance                                                                            Advertising  

  • According to the talent demand, the School of Civil Aviation cultivates application-oriented professionals integrating civil aviation flight, mechanical maintenance, electronic maintenance, UAV and air crew in five directions, forming a systematic civil aviation education system. To meet the requirements of civil aviation personnel's license, we will innovate the training mode of "diploma + license", and form a modern application-oriented education system featuring school-enterprise cooperation and industry-education integration.
    Majors: Aircraft Power Engineering                                               Aircraft Control and Information Engineering         Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering                              Performance(flight attendant)

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