Integration of Education, Research and Industry
  • School of Animation Art was built in 2000 and since the institute was established, the major is the first of its kind in Chinese Universities, the enrollment of the students is the most, the teaching scale is the biggest, it is well-known at home and abroad, it is the community widely recognized professional. Animation professional is the school's leading professional, is the national characteristics of professional, the characteristics and key disciplines and brand professional of Jilin Province. In January 2017, in the China Science Evaluation Research Center, Wuhan University, China Education Quality Evaluation Center and the China Science and Education Evaluation Network jointly launched the "Chinese universities and disciplines professional evaluation report (2017-2018)", the animation school ranked first among all animation professional institutions School of Animation Art insists on introducing ‘Double-type’ teaching group. Currently, the School of Animation Art has formed a reasonable teaching group of regarding the industrial director and the chief inspectors as main-body and 155 international guest professors as support to provide favorable guarantee for the student’s ability of innovation and entrepreneurship.    

  • School of Game was found in March, 2009, it has two majors: Digital Media art, Art and Science and Tech, there is Game Practice Teaching Platform, the Digital Media Art is approved as the Jilin Province “Twelve Fives” Provincial Feature Major, Jilin Province High University Brand Major. In Sep. 2012, School of Game and School of Animation Arts together applied Jilin Province “Animation and Game Integration of Learning, Research and Industry Talents Training Module Innovation Test Area”. In Mar. 2015, the institute brings in the Zu Long Entertainment Science and Tech Co. Ltd to set up the training platform and establishes 3 workshops. The institute hires 63 professors and experts who are from industry. The institute runs the system of exchange the teachers and the industry professionals. The institute also links with Netease Game, Shanghai Giant, Sohu Changyou, Dalian Jinshan, Suzhou Snail, Tencent and other famous game companies to build a employment collaboration relationship , sets up a multi-level and comprehensive Personnel Training Platform, finally formed the Personnel training module of integrating teaching, scientific research and industry as one Body.

  • School of Design sets up three majors: Visual Communication Design (Direction of Graphic Design and Digital Media Design), Environmental Design (Direction of Interior Design and Architectural visualization Design) and Fashion Design (Direction of Fashion Design and Image Design). The undergraduates are more than 1700. It sets up Double-Teachers Team, and tries hard to achieve the intersection of Art and Technology, the interaction between Teaching and Industry. Formed the Practice Teaching System with "Professional Teaching Training + Simulation Creating Practice Training + Industry Project Training" of the Ability Training as the core, established the Platform of the "Advertising - Design" Learning and Industry Linking. Design School has 19 special professional practical studios, like brand design studio, graphic design studio, digital media design studio, space design studio, architectural animation design studio, fashion design studio and the character image design studio, etc. The employment rate for graduates is always keeping over 90%.

  • School of Television & New Media has Broadcasting, TV Direction, Broadcasting and TV, Photography, Broadcasting and hosting Art, Internet and New Media, and 12 major directions, there are 2000 students. The school is specifically aiming at the demand of industry development, with the vision of international and open-up to integrate into the forefront of media transmission technology. Integrating the markets and resources of domestic and overseas while conducting the special education pattern of high-quality education with practical platform, in order to cultivate the talents with compound-type, applied and leadership as well as full of knowledge, imagination and creation. Forcing the school to be the advanced talents cultivation base in Northeast Area and to be the international dream-works of audiovisual production. School of Television&New Media takes the initiative to meet the challenges of new development trend under the media fusion and establishes the two-level platform of industrial type and educational type. School of Television&New Media has perfect facilities with all kinds of training places and studios. Moreover, having innovation and breakthrough in talents cultivation pattern and combining with new contents of Internet, mode of transmission and mode of marketing to promote the fusion of each major and enhance the construction of practical-educational platform. Cultivating students’ professional faculties and creativity according to practical training and making efforts to shape the students to become a high-level applied professional talents.

  • School of Film has six professions: Drama, Film and Television Literature(including film and television drama and the direction of production management), Drama, Film and Television Art Design, Performance, Photography, Film, Television and Director,Recording art. The teaching hardware environment is advancing, it has theater, studios, dubbing room, multimedia classroom and lab. It can provide entire industrial chain of basic course experiment of Film and Television products like "Directing, Performance, video-taping, recording, editing, packaging". The school focuses on the building of the teacher team, carries the concept and academic point of view of “Respecting the Teachers and Teaching”, the School of Film has more than 25 famous and outstanding directors, play-writers and experts, forming a teachers group of strong education ability, rich practical experience and solid basic theory. When it comes to the teaching strategy, it conducts “Double-type” education, meanwhile, it also adopts the education pattern as studio type and combines theory with practice.  The institute encourages teachers and students to create works, in Oct.2012, “2012 we are waiting for Geduo”, the creative Stage Play, won Shanghai 3rd China Campus Drama Festival “Excellent Play” Award (The highest award). In 2014, “Game”, the creative Stage Play, won Jilin Province 7th Undergraduate Drama Festival ”Excellent Organization” Award, “Play” 1st Prize, “Director” 1st Prize, “Screenwriting” 1st Prize, “Performing” 1st Prize, “Stage Art” 1st Prize.

  • School of Comics was found in 2015 and offering two specialties in Animation and Painting with 700 undergraduates involved at present. It carries the motto spirit of ‘Self-esteem, Self-discipline, Innovation, Creativity’ to deepen the mode of talent cultivation ‘Integration of education, research and industry’ continuously. Strengthening the building of Practice Teaching Platform, improving the core competition force of development. The school also has a great teachers group with diverse and excellent background, in the meanwhile, hires 48 international and domestic industry experts and visiting professors are the features of the “Double Teacher Team”. More than 100 Works of teachers and students win international and domestic prizes for many times. Teaching, Science and Research results are outstanding, undergraduate Innovation Projects meet the Market need closely. The school cultivates talents of high quality and international vision and the employment rate reaches more than 95%. The School of Comics is directed by the market to build a course system of “A main body, two platforms, two extensions” , to educate the applied students with “Strong foundation, skill and more practice”, to create a feature of “practice double skills and employment double paths”. The School of Comics makes great efforts to build the own brand of Jilin Animation Institute and to construct to strive for a leading international and domestic first-class animation academy.     

  • School of Creative Industry is to teach the commercialization of cultural industries, research, business logic, market-oriented training for the application of talent school. School has the majors as below: cultural industry management, marketing and Internet finance (chips), "professional + expertise", "skills + management" as training model, build cultural and creative industry management, marketing personnel training system and curriculum System for the school, lead the rapid development of undergraduate professional, provide industries strong support for personnel training. At present, the school has a group of teachers teams with, outstanding business ability and teaching experience. Employ 12 professors from Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other domestic as the visiting professor. The school has a business simulation sandbox laboratory and a marketing simulation laboratory. For the whole school to open the cultural industry CEO studio, cultural industry copywriting studio, cultural enterprise management studio, cultural industry broker studio, cultural industry, large data studio, cultural industry brand and promotion studio, cultural industry marketing studio , Cultural industry entrepreneurship management studio, cultural industry creative studio and cultural industry financial studio, to provide students with "learning, research, production" integration of the training platform. School of Creative Industry will become the talent training base for cultural industry commercial operation, enterprise management and social services.

  • School of Industrial Design was built in Sep. 2015, known as the Product Design Department of Jilin Animation Institute. It has two professions: Product Design, Craft and Art. Now there are 45 teachers and 555 students. It is adhering to the educational philosophy ‘Innovation, Creation’ of Jilin Animation Institute, exploring the international and advanced method of subject construction and school characteristics. Meanwhile, combining the advanced international education theory with traditional arts and nominated by practical teaching, aiming at forging a new talents-cultivation pattern of international and open-up. There are galaxies of talents in School of Industrial Design and it hires 14 famous and well-known experts from domestic and overseas as visiting professors. It also possesses a group of professional and creative young passionate teachers and develops communication and cooperation with design & arts colleges in Korea, UK, France, Singapore and many other countries and regions. The school sets up Product Development Center, 10 Professional Practice studios, the students won numbers of prizes in design competitions at home and abroad, having a number of design patents, and both in Jilin Province and outside Jilin Province, establishing Practice Bases and University-Enterprise Cooperation Projects with more than 20 design companies and enterprises. Formed the Teaching Mode of "Product Design" as the core, Arts and Crafts as the feature, combining art and technology, cultivating a large number of outstanding artistic talents.

  • School of Virtual Reality is reformed from Department of Digital Media Technology and it was found formally in 2016. It is the pioneer for the integration of animation, game development, film and television, APP, Now there are five schools of virtual reality technology, game technology, large data application technology, animation and film and television special effects technology and software engineering. Including the virtual reality technology, enhance the reality of technology, game engine development and application, large data analysis and application, film and television special effects technology, animation technology, APP application technology, server technology and other direction, now it has 30 teachers. School of Virtual Reality holds the concept of international open-up, introducing professional and outstanding talents from domestic and foreign universities even famous companies in order to enhance the integration of learning, research and industry, currently the school has taken 8 Projects such as Jilin Nature Science Fund, Jilin Province High Education Teaching Reform Research. Digital Media Tech is approved by the Jilin Province High University Excellent Engineer Education Training Plan as the Test Major. And approved as Jilin Province Visual Media and AR Province Key Lab and a certain accomplishment has been gained. School of Virtual Reality as the first one of its kind in China, has to siege the opportunity to make great efforts to become the top institute with high-level and full of specialty in teach, science and research and industry project. Making every effort to become the highest level of first-class institute of the country. 

  • The International Cooperation Program which Jilin Animation Institute (JAI) collaborated with Media Design School (MDS), New Zealand was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2018, and School of International Visual Effects was founded in the same year. It is the first International Cooperation College who offer a course in Visual Effects in China. School of International Visual Effects is striving to build first-tier Visual Effects major in the world and nurture talents with strong core competency in worldwide and international education background. Moreover,we keep working hard to become the banner of International Cooperation College for International Visual Effects.  We house Internationalized “Double-qualified” faculty group which is formed by the elites of International Visual Effects industry and about 400 foreign visiting professors. The international joint laboratory is for the exclusive use for researching and inventing by New Zealand and American leading industry experts in visual effects. We also equip with professional photo studio, advanced apparatus and facilities for motion capturing, along with international teaching environment.  

  • School of Civil Aviation fills the blank of Jilin Province, develop the aviation industry of Jilin Province, meet the urgent needs of aviation industry talent and satisfy the strategic background of Jilin Animation Institute. With the aircraft as the core, radiation throughout the aviation industry chain disciplines of professional structure, set aviation flight, maintenance, service and manufacturing and application of UAV in one of the personnel training structure. To take a strong combination of school-enterprise cooperation, "education + license" dual card both talent training model, to promote graduates to take posts, through jobs. (Aeronautical flight direction, aircraft and engine maintenance direction), aircraft manufacturing engineering (UAV manufacturing and application direction), broadcast and host (air crew direction) three professional, the future will also focus on the aviation industry for professional Changes in talent needs, and constantly optimize the professional settings. School has teaching team which composed of Air Force University retired talent , with the Civil Aviation Administration of certified well-known cooperative enterprises to ensure the quality of high-quality applied talents training.

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